(Discontinued) MitoStain™ Lime Green 399/550 Mitochondrial Stain #1351320


Pkg of 5, enough for 500 assays
This product is no longer available. Please contact technical support for more information on replacement product.



Use MitoStain Mitochondrial Stains to visualize mitochondria when performing cell imaging experiments. MitoStain Lime Green 399/550 is offered in an easy-to-use liquid format and features a fluorescent probe that accumulates specifically within mitochondria.

Key Benefits of MitoStain Mitochondrial Stains

  • Convenient liquid format with no weighing/resuspension steps required
  • Available in several excitation/emission combinations to facilitate multicolor experiments

Fluorophore Properties of MitoStain Lime Green 399/550

  • Excitation maximum: 399 nm
  • Emission maximum: 550 nm

Fluorescence Spectrum:

(Image here to be supplied by client)

(Caption TBD)

Product Options

Cell Imaging Staining Dye Optimal channel on the
ZOE™ Fluorescent Cell Imager
Excitation, nm Emission, nm Catalog
MitoStain™ Lime Green 399/550 399 550 135-1320
MitoStain Green 498/520 Green 498 520 135-1321
MitoStain Orange 545/575 Red 545 575 135-1322
MitoStain Red 575/600 Red 575 600 135-1323
MitoStain Deep Red 640/659 640 659 135-1324

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More Information

Download the MitoStain™ Staining Reagents Product Information Sheet.

Most MitoStain Organelle Staining Reagents are compatible with the ZOE™ Fluorescent Cell Imager. View the ZOE Fluorophore Compatibility Chart to find the solution that best fits your experiment.

*MitoStain EX405 (135-1320) and MitoStain Green (135-1321) are not fixable.



Excitation/emission wavelengths
399/550 nm
CAS Number
Storage and use
Store at –20ºC upon receipt
Temperature stability
Stable for 1 year at –20ºC after date of manufacture