Standard Cartridge Holder for HPLC Systems #1250131



Pkg of 1, cartridge holder, for one 30 x 4.6 mm cartridge



Use the Standard Cartridge Holder to hold Aminex® Guard Cartridges or any 30 x 4.6 mm HPLC guard cartridge to protect and extend the life of analytical columns by removing contaminants.

  • Inlet and outlet connections on the holders are zero dead volume connections which use compression type reverse nuts and ferrules for attachment
  • Materials in contact with the mobile phase are 316 stainless steel and Kel-F® Fluorocarbon
  • Maximum temperature for the holder is 60 °C, and pressure should not exceed 4,000 psi

Micro-Guard Cartridges and Compatible Aminex Columns

Guard Column Cartridges Catalog Number Column Form Compatible Columns
Micro-Guard Carbo-P 1250119 Lead Fast Carbohydrate Column (1250105)
Micro-Guard Anion CO3- 1250506
Micro-Guard Carbo-C 1250128 Calcium Aminex HPX-87C Column (1250094)
Aminex HPX-87C Column (1250095)
Micro-Guard IG Carbo C (industrial grade) 1250503
Micro-Guard Cation H 1250129 Hydrogen Aminex HPX-87P Column (1250098)
Aminex HPX-87H Column (1250140)
Fermentation Monitoring Column (1250115)
Fast Acid Analysis Column (1250100)
Organic Acid Analysis Kit (1250234)
Micro-Guard IG Cation H (industrial grade) 1250502
Micro-Guard Anion CO3- 1250506 Silver Aminex HPX-42A Column (1250097)
Micro-Guard Cation K+ 1250507 Potassium Aminex HPX-87K Column (1250142)
Micro-Guard Cation Na+ 1250508 Sodium Aminex HPX-87N Column (1250143)

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