TANGO infinity System



TANGO infinity is a state-of-the-art, compact immunohematology system not only for small-to-medium laboratories, but also for larger laboratories where multiple instruments can meet the volume needs

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TANGO infinity System is a blood bank instrument that will automate all routine immunohematology testing procedures including blood grouping, antibody screening and identification for patients, donors and cord blood samples. State-of-the-art technology such as verification of every reagent and sample dispense volume provides confidence in the accuracy of test results. Minimal system preparation is required due to 7-day on-board storage of up to 27 reagents and 120 microplate strips at optimum conditions. This ensures that the system is ready to use at all times 24/7 — even for STAT samples. TANGO infinity System provides true random access and capacity to load up to120 samples.

Best in class reagent management system

  • 7 day reagent and microplate storage (with in/out privileges)
  • Monitors on-board and product shelf-life
  • Automatic disposal of used strips
  • Random loading of microplates and liquid reagents

Consistent performance

  • Total volume verification of all sample and reagent dispense volumes
  • Monitors antiglobulin wash process
  • Monitors and documents all critical control points

Proven technology

  • ErytypeS for consistent, accurate blood grouping
    • Uses dried monoclonal antisera for ease-of-use and reaction quality
  • SolidscreenII for specific, labor-saving antiglobulin testing
    • Unique solidphase method
    • Uses intact RRBC to reduce false positive results

TANGO infinity is a trademark of Bio-Rad Medical Diagnostics GmbH.




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The TANGO infinity System combines proven Erytype S and Solidscreen II microplate technology with state of the art instrumentation to provide laboratories of all sizes with outstanding productivity, reliability, security and true hands-off convenience.