IH-500 System

IH-500 System

The IH-500 System is a medium-throughput blood typing instrument designed to help you achieve immunohematology excellence. 

It combines functionality and design to meet the changing needs of the modern immunohematology laboratory by reducing hands-on time and providing faster time to results. 

As a compact bench-top system that fits any laboratory environment, the IH-500 System can help you optimize your workflow while requiring minimal workspace.

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Features and Benefits

  • PDP_IH-500_7-day_Onboard_Reagent_Stability

    7-Day Onboard Reagent Stability

    Be assured of consistent results with our improved liquid reagent stability and onboard storage and management for up to 7 days, 24 hours/day.


    Antibody Titration

    Save time and eliminate manual errors with automated titrations. The IH-500 System is powered by a titration solution specifically engineered for gel cards. 


    Antibody Identification

    Simplify the complex and labor-intensive process of antibody identification with the complementary software module IH-AbID.


    Efficient Result Interpretation

    Optimized software provides improved grading result interpretation to minimize complicated validation processes and unnecessary retesting.

Optimize Your Throughput

  • Reduce hands-on time and deliver results faster. This fully automated walk-away system includes an updated 6-axis robotic arm as well as an easy-to-learn user interface, automatic QC monitoring, and no daily maintenance. It is ideal for scheduling STAT samples. 

Simplify Your Operations

  • The IH-500 System is an easy-to-use, customizable system with continuous sample and reagent loading. The easy data input and touchscreen monitor enhance user experience, while the minimal weekly maintenance requirement ensures operational efficiency. 

    The IH-500 System offers both assay- and sample-oriented modes, allowing you to perform tests sample-by-sample or prioritize a specific test result to be delivered first.

  • PDP_IH-500_Simplify_Your_Operations_gel-cards

Increase Your Efficiency

  • We analyzed thousands of results to optimize result interpretation. The IH-500 System allows you to avoid complicated validation processes and unnecessary retesting. The reduced time to results increases the efficiency of your laboratory sample testing. 

  • PDP_IH-500_Increase_Your_Efficiency

Customer Support Videos

  • These videos support our IH-500 System and IH-Com Software users.

    Topics include: component overview, how to manage liquids, how to change the pipette needle, how to upgrade a sample to urgent, how to handle abnormal results, and more.

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  • IH-500 Training Modules


Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions. Bio-Rad offers an exceptionally wide range of gel card configurations to suit your precise testing requirements. They are simple and flexible to help you maximize productivity. 


Samples: 50
Gel cards: 164
Reagent vials: 34
Width: 115 cm / 45.3 in
Height: 98 cm / 38.6 in
Depth: 85 cm / 33.5 in
Weight: 213 kg / 470 lb
Minimal installation depth: 60 cm / 23.6 in
Electrical Data
Voltage: 100-230 VAC
Power fluctuation: ± 10%
Transient overvoltage: Category II
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 1,350 VA
Environmental Conditions
Operating temperatures: 18°C to 28°C / 64.4°F to 82.4°F
Storage temperatures: -20°C to 55°C / -4°F to 131°F
Operating humidity: 5% to 80% RH
Storage humidity: 5% to 80% RH
Altitude maximum: 2,000 m / 6,562 ft
Heat emission: 1,000 W
Noise level: max. 65 dB(A)
Pollution level: 2



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