(Discontinued) The Candy Caper — A Crime Scene Detective Kit

(Discontinued) The Candy Caper — A Crime Scene Detective Kit


Solve a forensic mystery story using real science. Candy provides the crime scene evidence as you engineer a gel electrophoresis system to solve the crime of the stolen cell phones. Ages 14 and up.

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Discontinuation Notice

The Candy Caper — A Crime Scene Detective Kit has been discontinued. Please contact us for information about alternative products.

Bring real-life science into your home to solve a forensic mystery story. Get ready to crack cases and bring criminals to justice with this crime scene detective kit. Our mystery story will guide young scientists through a series of experiments to solve the case of the stolen cell phones. After solving the case, they'll discover more science experiments to further develop their science sleuthing skills.

Using this kit, you will:

  • Perform real-life biotechnology, chemistry, and forensic experiments
  • Engineer your own electrophoresis [ee-lek-tro-for-ee-sis] gel box (one of the main pieces of equipment used in forensic labs) to separate, view, and analyze candy samples found at the crime scene
  • Identify the suspects and crack the case with the data you collect

After you've solved the crime, dive deeper into the world of chemistry and biology by creating your own acid indicator, separating molecules using paper chromatography, and more.

A total of 12 activities are possible with this kit, with enough supplies for two mystery gels. A few supplies from home are necessary and include: M&M'S candies, 9 V batteries (5), bottled water (1), purple cabbage, measuring cups and spoons, salt, toothpicks, and a microwave.


This set contains chemicals that may be harmful if misused. Read caution labels on individual containers carefully. To be used by children only under adult supervision.

Features and Benefits

  • Solve a forensic mystery story
  • Perform real-life forensic, chemistry, and biotechnology experiments
  • Full-color 28-page instruction manual with mystery story
  • 12 activities (over 5 hours of experiments)
  • For ages 14+

Purchasing the Candy Caper, a Crime Scene Detective Kit

If you're interested in purchasing The Candy Caper, a Crime Scene Detective Kits, please contact us at biotechnology_explorer@bio-rad.com.