CHT™ Ceramic Hydroxyapatite — A Unique Tool for mAb Purification

CHT ceramic hydroxyapatite offers unique selectivity for polishing mAbs, vaccines, and other therapeutic, diagnostic, and industrial proteins. CHT media are very effective at removing aggregates, fragments, leached protein A, HCP, DNA, endotoxins, and viruses from target protein. Because CHT ceramic hydroxyapatite is an effective and efficient purification medium, it is part of many licensed commercial processes.

This webinar presents the most widely used purification applications and buffer protocols for CHT media. We also address how the proper use and care of CHT media ensures excellent column life and how Bio-Rad's state-of-the-art columns and skids can further improve CHT ceramic hydroxyapatite handling and performance.

Topics covered:
  • How CHT ceramic hydroxyapatite works: chemistry and physics
  • Key applications and case studies
  • Packing and unpacking CHT media
  • Running CHT media in a column
  • Bio-Rad hardware for CHT media

About the speakers:
Dr. Mark Snyder is the Manager of the Applications Group in the Process Chromatography Division of Bio-Rad Laboratories. Mark holds an undergraduate degree from MIT and a PhD in biochemistry from the University of California–Berkeley. He has more than 20 years of experience in protein purification and process development at Scios, XOMA, Bayer, and Bio-Rad. Mark has participated in numerous process licenses and has published many articles in peer reviewed journals.

Kim Brisack is the Manager of Bio-Rad's Process Chromatography Applications Laboratory. Kim received her BA and MA from the University of California–Berkeley and worked at Bayer Healthcare prior to joining Bio-Rad. Kim has extensive experience in downstream process development and optimization, manufacturing support, scale-up, scale-down, and process validation.

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