Bio-Rad's New Trans-Blot® Turbo™ Transfer System Enables Protein Transfer In Western Blotting in as Little as 3 Minutes


Hercules, CA — March 30, 2011 — Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. announces the launch of its Trans-Blot Turbo transfer system, a rapid western blotting instrument that allows researchers to efficiently transfer proteins from gel to blot in as little as 3 minutes.

"The Trans-Blot Turbo transfer system has allowed our researchers to streamline transfers, decreasing processing times from hours to a matter of minutes," said Ian MacRae PhD, assistant professor at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif. "Transfers using traditional methods can be time consuming, and reproducibility among users is often a problem. The Trans-Blot Turbo system eliminates any user-to-user variation concerns, making it possible to create high-quality, reproducible blots in a fraction of the time."

Conventional tank and semi-dry western blotting protocols require time-consuming reagent preparation and setup, followed by an electrophoretic transfer that can take up to an hour or overnight to complete. Researchers using the Trans-Blot Turbo system can overcome this bottleneck by significantly reducing their transfer time to 3–7 minutes, depending on protein size.

The Trans-Blot Turbo system uses pre-packaged Turbo transfer packs that include proprietary blotting paper, buffer, and membrane (nitrocellulose or PVDF), eliminating the time and hassle associated with the preparation of typical western blots.

The Trans-Blot Turbo system delivers better transfer efficiency compared to traditional methods, enabling the detection of proteins larger than 200 kD.

The short setup and transfer times, coupled with the system's ability to transfer four mini gels or two midi gels simultaneously, results in more data in less time. Additionally, the Trans-Blot Turbo system allows users to control transfer conditions and is compatible with standard semi-dry protocols and consumables.

Key benefits of the Trans-Blot Turbo western blotting system include:

  • Speed: Researchers can achieve protein transfer in as little as 3 minutes with Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN® TGX™ precast gels or in 7 minutes with all other SDS-PAGE gel formulations
  • Efficiency: The Trans-Blot Turbo system delivers equal or better (better or equal) transfer efficiency compared to all other transfer methods
  • Convenience: Preassembled and prepackaged, Turbo transfer packs mean no additional buffer or membrane preparations are needed, reducing time and waste normally associated with traditional western blotting methods

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