Bio-Rad Has Acquired AbD Serotec


Bio-Rad recently completed the acquisition of AbD Serotec, a division of MorphoSys AG.

Bio-Rad recently completed the acquisition of AbD Serotec, a division of MorphoSys AG.

AbD Serotec is one of the world's leading antibody manufacturers, offering over 15,000 antibodies, kits, and accessories. AbD Serotec has an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified production facility in the United Kingdom as well as ISO 9001 certified facilities in Germany and the United States.

The acquisition of AbD Serotec will enhance both Bio-Rad’s Life Science Research line and its Clinical Diagnostic products. In addition, Bio-Rad also completed a licensing agreement with MorphoSys to use its HuCAL® human combinatorial antibody library technology for diagnostic and research purposes. HuCAL is a proprietary collection of over 40 billion unique, fully human antibodies that enables rapid in vitro selection of antibodies with high affinity and specificity.

As a result of this acquisition and licensing agreement, Bio-Rad has access to a comprehensive catalog of antibodies and a powerful in vitro antibody generation technology, enabling the validation of total assay solutions on Bio-Rad’s research platforms for the western blotting, multiplex protein expression, ELISA, and cell sorting product lines. Exploiting this powerful in vitro technology will accelerate future antibody development.

The range of AbD Serotec antibody products includes apoptosis kits, autophagy reagents, CD marker, epitope tag antibodies, immunology antibodies, neuroscience antibodies, and veterinary reagents. The range of custom services includes the use of HuCAL technology for custom monoclonal antibody generation in only 8 weeks. Large- and small-scale antibody production as well as antibody conjugation with bulk and customized products are also available. Learn more about AbD Serotec products by following the links below.


HuCAL is a registered trademark of MorphoSys AG