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At Bio-Rad, genomics innovation is in our DNA. Our technologies provide the robust, reliable results you need. With the leading advancements in both quantitative PCR (qPCR) and digital PCR (dPCR), you can unlock greater accuracy and reproducibility with easy-to-use instruments. See what you can discover with versatile nucleic acid quantification solutions from trusted experts.

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qPCR and Digital PCR Systems

As scientists continue to push the boundaries of genomics research, Bio-Rad experts are committed to empowering them with sensitive, precise solutions. Our qPCR and Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR™) solutions offer industry-leading performance, rapid sample-to-results workflows, and easy data analysis for a broad catalog of genomic DNA and RNA detection and quantification assays. We have a history of proven consistency in advanced software support and ease of use, delivering reproducible results to researchers in large and small labs alike.

When measuring the expression of two genes with broad expression range within a single sample type, our qPCR instruments offer the high dynamic range you need. This flexible technology delivers fast, reliable detection with high throughput and cost-efficiency.

When you need to detect small changes in expression or obtain absolute transcript counts, and when challenged with limited sample material or low expression levels, ddPCR technology provides an optimal solution while simultaneously simplifying multiplexing.

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Multiple Bio-Rad experts share our genomics vision and how we’ve partnered with customers to provide cutting-edge tools for genomics research for 60 years.

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