Real-Time PCR Webinar


October 14, 2009
David Palmer

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Real-time PCR is widely used in industry, government, and academic jobs involved with genetic research. The technique's power comes from its ability to accurately measure the amount of DNA or RNA in a sample; it is invaluable in gene expression analysis, cancer and drug research, disease management, food testing, and breeding among other disciplines. This webinar will present an overview of what real-time PCR is, what it is used for, and how it works. Additionally, we will describe what typical data looks like and how melt curves can show DNA differences. Finally, some methods to demonstrate real-time PCR in the classroom will be presented, along with some basic optimization and troubleshooting tips.

About the speaker:
David Palmer received his Bachelor of Science in agriculture from the University of Guelph in Ontario Canada, and later obtained a doctorate in molecular plant pathology from Oklahoma State University. Prior to joining Bio-Rad, Dave carried out field and greenhouse research on biotech crops for Zeneca Ag Products and then co-founded a biotech startup company called Byotix. Dave is currently a Senior Technical Support Consultant for Bio-Rad, supporting educational, electrophoresis, gene transfer, and PCR products. Dave also teaches an annual PCR course as an adjunct professor at Contra Costa Community College.