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Reach your goals faster with custom PCR reagents — Bio-Rad PCR reagents and kits feature advanced enzyme technology and buffer formulation for reliable amplification, robust reverse transcription, and high-quality real-time PCR data. To accommodate your specific needs and requirements for PCR reagents, Bio-Rad offers a range of custom packaging and kitting options for our existing products. We manufacture our PCR reagents under Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) and International Quality Standards (ISO 13485:2016) to guarantee consistent and reliable high-quality products.

Customizable Reagents

Customizable Reagents
  • Real-Time PCR Supermixes and Kits
  • cDNA Synthesis Supermixes and Kits
  • One-Step RT-qPCR Reagents and Kits
  • High-Fidelity and Standard PCR Reagents
  • PCR Loading and Reference Dyes

Custom Options

  • Fill size — select from a variety of vials and containers
  • Packaging — choose various bags, pouches, and boxes
  • Kit configuration — configure a custom kit with existing components
  • Quality assurance — specify additional QC testing

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) & Licensing

Our extensive expertise in molecular biology has led to the development of a broad product portfolio of reagents. Partner with us for OEM solutions or licensing of Bio-Rad technology to ensure success in your project. We welcome collaborations throughout all stages from discovery to commercial.

Trusted Performance

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Advanced Buffer Formulation

Refined PCR reagent buffers deliver topnotch performance. Use them confidently with a broad range of complex sample types and target regions, as well as under varying reaction parameters (e.g. primer concentrations, annealing temperature, salt concentration, and cycling products).


Robust Reliance Reverse Transcriptase

Reliance Reverse Transcriptase is genetically engineered for high thermostability and efficient, sensitive cDNA synthesis — even with challenging samples and targets.


Universal Reference Dyes

A proprietary blend of reference dyes in our supermixes means you won’t need different system-specific dye concentrations. Instead, reaction setup is easy and data become less variable. Our reference dyes are compatible with high-ROX, low-ROX, and rox-independent systems.


Powerful Sso7d Fusion DNA Polymerase

Patented Sso7d Fusion DNA Polymerase is designed to succeed where others fail. It features improved processivity for effective amplification through regions of strong secondary structures, GC-rich regions, and longer products — even in the presence of PCR inhibitors.

Sso7d Fusion DNA Polymerase
  • Custom PCR

    Interested in Custom PCR Reagents?

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