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Advances in Translational Genetics Unlocked by Bio-Rad Technologies Showcased at 2019 ASHG Annual Meeting

Scientists will present 24 abstracts that used Bio-Rad’s droplet-based technologies to advance translational genetics research, including a study mapping epigenetic variations in the brain at single-cell resolution.


Bio-Rad Joins EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme

Bio-Rad announces that it has joined the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Corporate Partnership Programme, to help expand EMBL’s innovative portfolio of scientific training courses designed for budding young


Bio-Rad Launches the Science of Opioid Dependence Kit to Help Students Learn about Genetics by Studying Factors Influencing Opioid Dependence

New to Bio-Rad's Explorer Program, the Science of Opioid Dependence Kit is an entry-level bridge between DNA electrophoresis & PCR — a new way of teaching genetics in the context of a current crisis: the opioid crisis.


Bio-Rad Launches Bio-Plex Pro Human Immunotherapy Panel 20-plex Multiplex Assay, a targeted tool for researching signaling networks in Immunotherapy Research

The Multiplex Panel Covers Biologically-Researched Cytokine Targets Associated with Immunotherapy Research


Bio-Rad Launches Reliance One-Step Multiplex Supermix for Pathogen Detection and High-Throughput Screening

Bio-Rad’s Reliance One-Step Multiplex Supermix is a highly sensitive and robust reagent mix for detection and quantification of up to five RNA or DNA targets in one reaction.


New Data on Circulating Tumor DNA as a Biomarker for Detecting Cancer Progression Presented at 2019 ASCO Annual Meeting

Scientists at the 2019 ASCO Annual Meeting presented research that relied on Droplet Digital PCR to explore the strengths and limitations of using circulating tumor DNA as a biomarker for predicting outcomes and guiding


Bio-Rad Launches its scATAC-Seq Solution

Nature Biotechnology recently published joint research from Bio-Rad and Harvard featuring Bio-Rad’s new single-cell ATAC-Seq solution.


Cancer Researchers Highlight Clinical Potential of Liquid Biopsy Using Droplet Digital PCR Technology at the 2019 AACR Annual Meeting

Several research studies supporting the clinical utility of ddPCR powered liquid biopsy will be presented during this year’s AACR Annual Meeting.


Bio-Rad Releases First FDA-Cleared Digital PCR System and Test for Monitoring Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Treatment Response

Bio-Rad’s QXDx AutoDG ddPCR System is now an FDA-cleared diagnostic solution available for monitoring molecular response in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia treated with tyrosine kinase inhibitors.


Bio-Rad Showcases New Automation Features of its ZE5 Cell Analyzer at SLAS 2019

Bio-Rad’s ZE5 Cell Analyzer is now automation-ready.


Cancer Researchers Highlight the Value of Droplet Digital PCR in Monitoring Immunotherapy Effectiveness at Precision Medicine World Conference

During a Bio-Rad workshop at PMWC, panelists will discuss how Droplet Digital PCR helps physicians monitor immunotherapy effectiveness in patients.


Droplet Digital PCR’s Ability to Detect Minimal Residual Disease Underscored by Researchers at 60th ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition

During the 60th ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition, researchers discussed how Droplet Digital PCR can detect minimal residual disease in patients with acute myeloid leukemia and other blood diseases.


Bio-Rad Wins USDA Contract for its Pathogen Detection Testing Products

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIOb), a global leader of life science research and clinical diagnostic products, today announced that the company has been awarded a contract for iQ-Check real-time PCR pathogen detection test kits and the iQ-Check Prep Automation System from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA FSIS).


Droplet Digital PCR Enables Precise Detection and Quantification of a Promoter Mutation Prevalent in Many Cancer Types

Research from NYU Langone Medical Center and its Perlmutter Cancer Center along with Bio-Rad’s Digital Biology Group demonstrates how two new ddPCR-based assays can specifically detect and quantify mutations linked to many cancer types.


Genomics Researchers Highlight Droplet Digital PCR at ASHG 2018 Annual Meeting

Dozens of scientists at ASHG will present research featuring Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR), including a study about a new ddPCR assay for hearing loss and new single-cell applications.


Bio-Rad Launches scATAC-Seq Solution for Early Access Customers

The scATAC-Seq solution allows researchers to gain a deeper understanding about the mechanisms of cell fate, identify the cell types present in heterogeneous tissues, and validate single-cell gene expression data.


Bio-Rad Launches CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite XT Media and Nuvia HP-Q Resin for Process Protein Purification

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. announced the launch of two new chromatography media for process protein purification: CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite XT Media and Nuvia HP-Q Resin.


Wider Adoption of Droplet Digital PCR to Predict Cancer Treatment Response in Clinical Trials Highlighted at 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting

In clinical trials, researchers are increasingly turning to Droplet Digital PCR to measure cell-free tumor DNA as a biomarker of treatment response.


Bio-Rad Signs a Co-Marketing Agreement with Bruker to Offer a Complete Workflow for Foodborne Pathogen Detection

Bio-Rad's RAPID chromogenic media and MALDI Biotyper® from Bruker are used together by labs to detect the presence of pathogens in food and confirm/identify the organism.


Bio-Rad Releases Labeled Antibodies for Fluorescent Multiplex Detection of Proteins in Western Blots

StarBright Blue 520 Fluorescent Secondary Antibodies offer highly sensitive fluorescent detection and multiplexing for detecting up to three unique proteins on a western blot.


Bio-Rad Expedites Disease Biomarker Discovery and Drug Development with the Launch of Bio-Plex Pro Human Cytokine Screening Panel

The Bio-Plex Pro Human Cytokine Screening Panel is a multiplex assay that can accurately and reproducibly quantify up to 48 analytes involved in complex biological networks in a single assay.


2018 AACR Annual Meeting Presentations Highlight the Clinical Utility of Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital PCR Technology for Discovering Epigenetic Biomarkers and Measuring Immunotherapy Response

A number of studies powered by ddPCR exploring epigenetics and immunotherapy will be presented at this year’s AACR meeting.


Technical Support Update

In January, reports were published regarding two security flaws known as "Spectre" and "Meltdown." These vulnerabilities can potentially affect modern processors that are embedded in any type of computing device.


Bio-Rad Launches NGC Fraction Collector for NGC Chromatography Systems

The NGC Fraction Collector for NGC Chromatography Systems offers multivessel collection modes that adapt for collection levels from small to process scale


Genomics Researchers Showcase Their Applications of Droplet Digital PCR at ASHG 2017 Annual Meeting

How Droplet Digital PCR provides early detection of transplant rejection and delivers absolute quantification of gene expression to investigate cancer.


Chromatography Experts to Discuss Novel Downstream Purification Technologies at BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition

Bio-Rad’s pre-conference workshop at the BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition to feature new approaches and tools that purify diverse biomolecules and quantify impurities in downstream processes.


Benefits of Using Droplet Digital PCR for Measuring Immunotherapy Response Highlighted in Presentations at 2017 ASCO Annual Meeting

Researchers presented evidence of clinical potential for how circulating tumor DNA, measured by ddPCR, could be used as a biomarker to identify pseudoprogression and measure early indicators of response in immuno-oncology therapies.


Bio-Rad Introduces First Droplet Digital™ PCR–Based Assays to Quickly Quantify CRISPR Efficiency

Bio-Rad’s ddPCR™ Genome Edit Detection Assays are the first tests to characterize edits generated by CRISPR-Cas9 or other genome editing tools using Droplet Digital PCR, enabling fast, sensitive, and cost-effective quantification of CRISPR efficiency.


Bio-Rad Launches CFX Maestro™ Software for Real-Time PCR Data Analysis

Only CFX Maestro provides researchers with an integrated suite of real-time PCR tools, making data collection, statistical analysis, and design of publication-ready graphs easy.


Bio-Rad Launches New RT-PCR Assay Kit for Simultaneous Detection of Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya Viruses

The ZDC Multiplex RT-PCR Assay (Research Use Only) is a wet-lab validated PCR test that not only enables simultaneous detection of Zika, dengue, and chikungunya viral RNAs in a single reaction, but also includes all the controls to validate the assay results.


Technical Support Update

Microsoft operating systems recently experienced a security vulnerability resulting from a widespread ransomware attack through Microsoft’s network environments on a global scale. Bio-Rad’s internal IT team has evaluated the technical details of the Microsoft security update and has approved the patch.


Bio-Rad Expands Its Multiplex Immunoassays with the Launch of Bio-Plex Pro™ Human Apolipoprotein Panel

The Bio-Plex Pro™ Human Apolipoprotein Panel allows researchers to detect nine key apolipoproteins and C-reactive protein — targets important for cardiovascular and neurobiology research — all in a single well.


Bio-Rad Releases Labeled Antibodies for Fluorescent Multiplex Detection of Proteins in Western Blots

StarBright™ Blue 700 Secondary Antibodies offer highly sensitive fluorescent detection, short exposure times, and easy multiplexing for western blotting. hFAB™ Rhodamine Primary Antibodies offer a reliable and easy method for one-step detection of common housekeeping proteins.


Bio-Rad Receives Best New Product for its ZE5™ Cell Analyzer at INTERPHEX 2017

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. announced that its ZE5™ Cell Analyzer was named the "Best New Product/Service" during International Pharmaceutical Expo (INTERPHEX) held in New York last month.


2017 AACR Annual Meeting Presentations Highlight the Use of Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology for Liquid Biopsies in Cancer Research

Researchers will present more than 50 new studies at AACR. Building on last year’s trend, many will showcase the power of Droplet Digital PCR technology for detecting biomarkers in cancer liquid biopsies.


Bio-Rad Announces Winners of Its Droplet Innovators Awards

Bio-Rad Laboratories awards four researchers $25,000 worth of Bio-Rad consumables each to advance their pioneering research using Droplet Digital™ PCR technology.


Digital PCR Shows High Reproducibility in International Multicenter Study

Digital PCR reproducibly quantified an important cancer mutation across 21 laboratories, highlighting the potential for clinical use.


Bio-Rad Adds Bio-Plex Pro™ Mouse Chemokine Panel to Its Line of Multiplex Immunoassays

The Bio-Plex Pro™ Mouse Chemokine Panel enables researchers to detect more samples than any other available assay, allowing them to get more data out of each run.


Bio-Rad Launches ChemiDoc™ MP Imaging System for Reliable and Reproducible Multiplex Fluorescent Imaging

Bio-Rad’s ChemiDoc MP Imaging System enables fluorescent digital imaging for efficient quantitation of multiple protein targets on the same membrane.


Liquid Biopsy Researchers to Share Their Strategies for Pairing Digital PCR and Next-Generation Sequencing at Precision Medicine World Conference

Translational researchers and clinicians will present research demonstrating when and how digital PCR technology and next-generation sequencing can be used with liquid biopsies for treating cancer.


Bio-Rad Receives a Life Science Industry Award for ‘Best Technical Support’

Bio-Rad was a winner of the 2016 Life Science Industry Awards® for “Best Technical Support.” The awards were presented by BioInformatics LLC, a market research and advisory firm serving the life science industry.


Highly Sensitive Cancer Mutation Profiling and Single-Cell Genomics Research Using Droplet Digital™ Technology Presented at ASHG 2016

Scientists will present research demonstrating the use of Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital technology for highly accurate copy number quantification, mutation detection, and single-cell sequencing.


Bio-Rad Launches Nuvia™ IMAC Affinity Resin for Process Scale Purifications at Bioprocess International Conference and Exhibition 2016

Nuvia IMAC Resin enables robust, reproducible, and efficient purifications at any scale from laboratory to manufacturing. It’s the latest offering in Bio-Rad’s comprehensive line of bioprocess workflow solutions that support all stages of drug discovery and development.


Bio-Rad Introduces an Assay Website That Allows Researchers to Identify or Design Their Own Droplet Digital™ PCR Assays

Bio-Rad’s digital assay website makes it easy to access preexisting ddPCR™ assays or instantly design assays not already available for new targets.


Bio-Rad Launches Clarity Max™ Western ECL Substrate

The new Clarity Max Western ECL Substrate is an enhanced chemiluminescent (ECL) detection reagent that provides superior performance for low-abundance proteins, whether using film or digital detection systems.


Bio-Rad Launches ddPCR™ CHO and E. coli Kits for Direct Quantification of Residual Host Cell DNA

The ddPCR kits for residual DNA quantification streamline pharmaceutical quality control by quantifying host cell DNA without nucleic acid purification.


New Method to Assess Effectiveness of Genome-Editing Technologies

Researchers publish a new method that for the first time allows the accurate and sensitive quantification of both precise and random gene-editing events simultaneously using Droplet Digital™ PCR.


Bio-Rad’s New Software Makes Purifying Proteins with NGC™ Chromatography Systems Even Easier

ChromLab™ Software for NGC™ Chromatography Systems simplifies protein purification with intuitive system control, method development, and data analysis.


Dana-Farber Liquid Biopsy Trial Highlights the Value of Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology in Clinical Settings

Results from a two-year study of lung cancer patients at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston have validated the use of cell-free DNA as a predictive diagnostic tool.


2016 AACR Annual Meeting Presentations Highlight Advances in Cancer DNA Biomarker Research Using Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology

Scientists will present 20 new studies demonstrating the accuracy and sensitivity of Droplet Digital PCR technology for the detection of cancer biomarkers.


Bio-Rad Expands ddPCR™ Multiplex Mutation Screening Kit Portfolio for Cancer Research

Five new Droplet Digital™ PCR Multiplex Mutation Screening Kits available for detecting several key actionable cancer mutations in a single reaction.


Bio-Rad Announces CE IVD Marking of its QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System for Use as an In Vitro Diagnostic

Researchers can use the QX200 system for highly-accurate detection and quantification of nucleic acids, aiding clinical decision-making in the treatment of diseases ranging from cancer to transplant rejection and viral infection.


Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Proves Highly Reproducible at Identifying Viral RNA Mutations in Clinical Samples

Scientists show that Droplet Digital PCR allows more sensitive, precise, and reproducible detection of mutations associated with drug-resistant viral infections.


Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology Highlighted at the 2015 ASHG Annual Meeting, Baltimore, October 6–10

Scientists will present 18 new studies that have used Droplet Digital PCR for applications that range from measuring complex genome rearrangements to quantifying genome editing events.


Bio-Rad Launches One-Step RT-ddPCR Advanced Kit for Probes

This reformulated kit increases the sensitivity and specificity of RNA detection by Droplet Digital™ PCR, permitting quantification of low abundance RNA species and detection of even smaller differences in gene expression.


Bio-Rad Launches Droplet Digital™ PCR Supermix for Direct Quantification of Residual Host Cell DNA

The ddPCR™ Supermix for Residual DNA Quantification simplifies the quality control process by enabling highly sensitive quantification of host cell DNA without DNA purification.


Use of Cell-Free microRNA as Potential Cancer Biomarkers Made Possible through Droplet Digital™ PCR

Scientists use Droplet Digital PCR to identify and validate a potential new biomarker for breast cancer. Study demonstrates potential clinical utility of Droplet Digital PCR.


Bio-Rad Launches PrecisionAb™ Antibodies Validated Specifically for Western Blotting

New line of antibodies raises industry standards for antibody validation and ensures western blotting success.


Rapid and Cost-Effective Chromosomal Phasing Is Possible with Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology

Researchers publish a new method facilitating the study of how the distribution of mutations between alleles affects disease states.


Biogazelle Uses Bio-Rad’s PrimePCR™ Assays to Create qPCR Reference Data for FDA-Led Sequencing Project

Scientists take advantage of fully wet-lab validated human PrimePCR Assays to support an FDA-led Sequencing Quality Control (SEQC) study published in Nature Biotechnology.


Bio-Rad Introduces S3e™ Cell Sorter (488/640 nm)

The newest addition to Bio-Rad’s S3e Cell Sorter family is equipped with 488 nm and 640 nm lasers that permit excitation and detection of red fluorophores common to many immunology experiments.


Bio-Rad Introduces Droplet Digital™ PCR PrimePCR™ Assay Kits for Spinal Muscular Atrophy Research

New kits for copy number detection enable precise and reproducible high-throughput copy number calls for SMN1 and SMN2.


Presentations at the AACR Annual Meeting Highlight Advances in Cancer Research Made Possible by Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology

Researchers highlight different applications of ddPCR™ technology in cancer research, including the development of a highly sensitive test for the detection of oncogene amplifications, detection of gene mutations arising from drug resistance, and the use of multiplexing to detect several cancer-associated mutations in a single assay.


Next-Generation Sequencing and Droplet Digital™ PCR Accurately Determine Copy Number States for Multiallelic Copy Number Variations

A study published by scientists at Harvard Medical School and Bio-Rad’s Digital Biology Center validates next-generation sequencing and Droplet Digital PCR as highly accurate tools for the characterization of multiallelic copy number variations.


Bio-Rad Adds New PrimePCR™ Products for Droplet Digital™ PCR

New assays include centromeric copy number reference assays, mutation detection assays, and assays for transcriptome-wide gene expression analysis. This expands Bio-Rad's offering of PrimePCR™ Assays for Droplet Digital PCR to more than 120,000 across key applications.


Bio-Rad Adds Six New Genomes to Line of PrimePCR™ Assays for Real-Time PCR

Expertly designed PrimePCR Assays are now available for the rhesus monkey, zebrafish, yeast, cow, rabbit, and pig genomes.


Bio-Rad Protein Expression Products, Genomic Workflow Solutions Earn Industry Awards

Bio-Rad receives prestigious Life Science Industry Awards for Best Protein Expression & Analysis Products and Best Workflow Solutions — Genomics.


Bio-Rad Introduces the ddPCR™ KRAS Screening Multiplex Kit for Cancer Research

By combining the benefits of ddPCR with multiplex technology, Bio-Rad’s ddPCR KRAS Screening Multiplex Kit provides scientists the ability to detect seven of the most common KRAS mutations in a single Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR) experiment while saving time and precious sample.


Bio-Rad Introduces Bio-Plex Pro™ Human Inflammation Panels for Superior Profiling of Cancer, Cardiovascular, and Other Disease Biomarkers

Scientists can now quantify 37 key biomarkers of inflammation in a single assay, saving time, money, and sample.


Bio-Rad Launches Easy-to-Use PureBlu™ Nuclear Staining Dyes

PureBlu Nuclear Staining Dyes simplify DNA staining by eliminating the need for weighing and multiple dilution steps.


Bio-Rad Launches Benchtop S3e™ Cell Sorter with AutoGimbal™ Nozzle Alignment System

The simple setup and hands-free calibration of the S3e Cell Sorter now allows scientists to perform one- to four-color sorts without the need for a core facility.


Bio-Rad Introduces a Simple Way to Assess the Viability of Cells for Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting that is Compatible with Fixation

VivaFix™ Cell Viability Assays offer researchers a way to better identify dead cell populations for flow cytometry and cell sorting experiments.


Bio-Rad’s Newest NGC™ Chromatography Systems Automate Workflow

The new NGC Discover™ and NGC™ Discover Pro Systems combine the ease of use characteristic of the NGC Chromatography System family with automation features and throughput capabilities that meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.


Bio-Rad Introduces System to Automate Operation of Real-Time PCR Instruments

The new CFX Automation System II facilitates continuous high-throughput data generation by enabling automated simultaneous operation of two CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems.


Bio-Rad’s New Automated Droplet Generator for Droplet Digital™ PCR Saves Time and Improves Data Quality

Droplets can now be generated automatically, which simplifies the Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR™) workflow and reduces user-to-user variability.


Bio-Rad Adds New PrimePCR™ Assays for Droplet Digital™ PCR

PrimePCR Assays for Droplet Digital PCR now include an additional 192 wet-lab validated assays for copy number variation and mutation detection as well as an additional 5,620 mutation detection assays that were designed using the same design rules and algorithms.


Bio-Rad Introduces Wet-Lab Validated Real-Time PCR Assays for Rat Genome

Bio-Rad expands its offering of wet-lab validated and specificity-verified PrimePCR™ Assays to include 20,000 rat genes.


Bio-Rad Introduces the New ZOE™ Fluorescent Cell Imager

The ZOE Fluorescent Cell Imager allows scientists to image fluorescence in ambient light and without training.


Bio-Rad’s New ChemiDoc™ Touch Imaging System Surpasses Film’s Performance, Simplifies Western Blot Detection

The ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System provides scientists the ability to image and quantitate proteins with greater ease and accuracy than they could using film.


Bio-Rad Customers Present Seminars on Quantitative Western Blotting Using Stain-Free Technology

Recordings Available for Viewing
Scientists discuss approaches to increase the accuracy and reproducibility of quantitative western blotting using stain-free technology.


Improve Gene Expression Results with Bio-Rad’s New Rapid Cell Lysis RT-qPCR Kits

Bio-Rad’s SingleShot™ family of cell lysis RT-qPCR kits allows scientists to obtain high-quality gene expression results directly from cell lysates without the need for a time-consuming RNA purification step.


Bio-Rad Introduces SureBeads™ Magnetic Bead Immunoprecipitation System

The SureBeads System allows researchers to precipitate and enrich proteins up to six times faster than traditional agarose beads and at a fraction of the price of competing magnetic bead systems.


Bio-Rad Introduces Bio-Plex Pro™ RBM Human Metabolic and Hormone Assays

Seven new assay panels permit robust, simultaneous quantification of multiple protein biomarkers implicated in diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and inflammation.


Bio-Rad Introduces SsoAdvanced™ Universal Inhibitor-Tolerant SYBR® Green Supermix

Bio-Rad’s SsoAdvanced™ Universal Inhibitor-Tolerant SYBR® Green Supermix now allows scientists to obtain high quality, reproducible data from challenging samples such as crude lysates and PCR inhibitor–containing samples.


QC Laboratories Selects Bio-Rad’s iQ-Check® Prep Automation Solution for Food Pathogen Detection

QC Laboratories, an independent food testing laboratory, adopts Bio-Rad’s iQ-Check Prep Automation Solution because of its superior accuracy, time efficiency, and cost effectiveness.


Bio-Rad Introduces a Compact Biosafety System for the S3™ Cell Sorter

The S3 Biosafety System Class I aerosol containment hood fulfills ISAC biosafety requirements without the need for a traditional large and expensive biosafety hood.


The “Bio-Rad® iScript™ Supermix vs. Brand X” Commercial Wins Telly Award

Bio-Rad receives Telly Award for its commercial, a satirical infomercial, entitled “Bio-Rad iScript Supermix vs. Brand X.”


Bio-Rad Launches New Reagents for Target-Specific Preamplification of Limited Nucleic Acids for Real-Time PCR

Bio-Rad’s new SsoAdvanced™ PreAmp Supermix and PrimePCR™ PreAmp assays allow target-specific preamplification of cDNA and genomic DNA (gDNA) with the industry’s lowest bias.


Bio-Rad Launches the Brightest Protein Marker Available

New brighter and more persistent Precision Plus Protein Dual Color Standards provide scientists a way to estimate molecular weight throughout their western blotting workflow with greater ease and confidence.


Bio-Rad Expands Portfolio of PrimePCR™ Assays for Droplet Digital™ PCR

An additional 165 PrimePCR probe assays for targets associated with diseases such as cancer and a variety of neurological disorders are now available for use with Bio-Rad’s QX100™ and QX200™ Droplet Digital PCR systems.


Bio-Rad Introduces New CytoTrack™ Cell Proliferation Assays

CytoTrack Cell Proliferation Assays now simplify the design of multicolor flow cytometry experiments by allowing scientists to track live cells for ten generations in four different colors.


Bio-Rad’s QX200™ Droplet Digital™ PCR System Wins the SelectScience Scientists’ Choice Award for Best New Life Sciences Product of 2013 at AACR

Droplet Digital PCR technology was was chosen by members of the SelectScience community as having the most significant impact on life science research.


Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology Highlighted at the 2014 AACR Annual Meeting

Scientists will present studies at this year’s AACR Annual Meeting that highlight exciting new applications for Droplet Digital PCR in cancer research. Applications range from more efficient methods for quantification of copy number variations to single cell transcript profiling.


Bio-Rad Launches Precision Blue™ Real-Time PCR Dye

Precision Blue real-time PCR dye now allows scientists to pipet real-time PCR reactions with greater ease, speed, and accuracy by improving the visibility of reaction mixtures.


New Paper Shows How to Design a Foolproof Quantitative Western Blot Experiment that Avoids Common Pitfalls

Bio-Rad scientists have coauthored a paper that gives step-by-step guidance to help scientists generate quantitative and reproducible western blot data.


Bio-Rad Introduces ReadiLink Antibody Labeling Kits

ReadiLink antibody kits that enable rapid, efficient fluorescent antibody labeling are now available. These kits are ideal for cell sorting and flow cytometry applications and are available with 10 different fluorophores.


Bio-Rad Introduces Bio-Plex Manager™ MP Software Upgrade for All MAGPIX Multiplex Readers

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. today announced the release of its Bio-Plex Manager MP Software Upgrade, which brings the benefits of Bio-Plex Manager MP software to all Luminex-based MAGPIX readers.


Bio-Rad Offers New PrimePCR™ Disease Panels for Real-Time PCR

Bio-Rad is expanding its offering of PrimePCR real-time PCR panels, adding 700 new human and mouse disease panels and 71 new pathway panels.


Bio-Rad Launches PrimePCR™ Assays for Droplet Digital™ PCR

Bio-Rad’s new PrimePCR assays for Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR™) are the only wet-lab validated assays for digital PCR and are compatible with both the QX100™ and QX200™ ddPCR systems.


New Paper: A Brief RT-qPCR “Field Guide” for MIQE Adherence

Bio-Rad scientists are publishing a new “field guide” for Minimum Information for the Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments (MIQE) adherence to simplify and boost implementation of these often ignored but crucial guidelines.


Droplet Digital™ PCR Enables Measurement of Potential Cancer Survival Biomarker

Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center use Droplet Digital PCR to quantify tumor-attacking immune cells (TILs) in cancer tissues in a promising effort to develop the use of TILs in immunotherapy and as a cancer survival predictor.


Bio-Rad Launches CFX Manager Software for Real-Time PCR

CFX Manager Version 3.1 software has new features for allelic discrimination and full integration with PrimePCR assays.


Bio-Rad Launches New TGX™ FastCast™ and TGX Stain-Free™ FastCast™ Acrylamide Kits for Gel Electrophoresis

New kits enable handcast gel users to access the benefits of Bio-Rad’s TGX gel chemistry, previously available only in precast gels: fast run times, efficient protein transfers, and long shelf life. TGX Stain-Free technology enables users to monitor the success of their protein electrophoresis and western blotting workflows at each step.


Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology Highlighted at ASHG Annual Meeting

New copy number variation (CNV) studies using Droplet Digital PCR assays for more accurate, precise, and cost-effective CNV determination may lead to improved diagnosis and therapy for cancer and other diseases, including autoimmune disorders.


Emerging Applications of Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology Highlighted at the 2013 Digital PCR Conference

Scientists using Bio-Rad Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR™) systems will present original ddPCR research applications at the Digital PCR Conference in San Diego, CA, Oct. 7–9. These applications have resulted in nearly 50 peer-reviewed publications in the last two years.


Bio-Rad’s New ddPCR™ Library Quantification Kit Optimizes Performance of Ion Torrent NGS Systems

The new ddPCR™ library quantification kit for Ion Torrent NGS libraries is designed for use with Bio-Rad’s QX200™ Droplet Digital™ PCR system. The new kit provides researchers with the ability to precisely and directly measure amplifiable library concentrations.


Extremely Rare Mitochondrial DNA Deletions Associated with Aging Can Be Accurately Detected with Droplet Digital™ PCR

Researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have developed a new Droplet Digital PCR assay to accurately analyze extremely rare mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) deletions associated with both aging and disease states.


Droplet Digital™ PCR Enables Reproducible Quantification of microRNA Biomarkers

A new study reports that Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR™) technology can be used to precisely and reproducibly quantify microRNA (miRNA) in plasma and serum, enabling the use of miRNA and other nucleic acids as reliable blood-based disease biomarkers.


Researchers Develop Rapid, Cost-Effective Early Detection Method for Organ Transplant Injury

The researchers applied Bio-Rad’s ddPCR™ technology to quantify graft-derived cfDNA in recent liver transplant patients, making it a promising biomarker for early detection of rejection, potentially enabling more timely therapeutic intervention.


Bio-Rad Launches New iTaq™ Universal One-Step Kits for Reverse Transcription Real-Time PCR

New iTaq universal one-step kits combine RNase H+ iScript reverse transcriptase and antibody-mediated hot-start iTaq DNA polymerase in one reaction for superior data precision and highly efficient reverse transcription quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) performance under most reaction conditions on any qPCR instrument.


Droplet Digital™ PCR Provides Accurate Quantification of Next-Generation Sequencing Libraries

A new method using Droplet Digital PCR for NGS library quantification and quality control was found to be more accurate and precise than real-time PCR methods.


New Biomarker Could Reveal Alzheimer’s Disease Years Before Onset

A study published today reported the identification of what may be the earliest known biomarker associated with the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The results suggest that this novel potential biomarker is present in cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) at least a decade before signs of dementia manifest.


Bio-Rad Introduces New iQ-Check Prep System for Automated Real-Time PCR Detection of Food Pathogens

Designed for use with the full range of Bio-Rad’s validated real-time PCR food pathogen detection kits, this automated liquid handling platform for high-throughput sample preparation performs hands-free DNA extraction and PCR plate setup for pathogen testing.


Bio-Rad Launches the Biologics Analysis Workflow™ with the GS-900™ Calibrated Densitometer for Easier, More Reproducible Protein Purity Analysis

The Biologics Analysis Workflow combines the release of several new products designed as an integrated system for faster, easier, and more reproducible purity assessment of protein-based therapeutics in cGMP-regulated environments.


Bio-Rad Launches New S3™ Cell Sorter

The S3 cell sorter is an automated benchtop cell sorter that even novices find easy to use. The first truly walk-up automated cell sorter available to scientists, the affordable S3 cell sorter is designed to free up technician time in core facilities and can also be used in individual research labs.


New Paper Defines Method for Producing Reliable Quantitative Western Blot Data

Bio-Rad researchers recently reported a technique, using updated reagent and instrument technologies, for producing quantitative and reproducible western blot data. This new procedure establishes chemiluminescent western blotting as a reliable method for protein quantitation.


Bio-Rad’s S3™ Cell Sorter Chosen for Annual Course in Flow Cytometry

Bio-Rad’s S3 cell sorter will be used as a training instrument at the 36th Annual Research Course in Flow Cytometry at the University of New Mexico June 8–14, 2013. The S3 cell sorter represents emerging trends in flow cytometry: automated setup and operation, low capital cost, and a small benchtop footprint.


Bio-Rad’s New SsoAdvanced™ Universal Supermixes Offer Superior Performance on any Real-Time PCR Instrument

SsoAdvanced universal SYBR® Green supermix and SsoAdvanced universal probes supermix both include Bio-Rad’s patented Sso7d fusion enzyme, which provides the highest quality data from the most challenging sample types over a broad range of cycling conditions, primer concentrations, and temperature.


Bio-Rad Receives Silver and Bronze Telly Awards for Online Campaigns

Two Bio-Rad promotional videos received Telly Awards at the annual awards ceremony in April. Selected from among 12,000 entries, the winning submissions were promotions for the Bio-Rad Science Ambassador Program and the new NGC™ medium-pressure chromatography system.


PLOS ONE Study: Droplet Digital™ PCR Works for GMO Quantification

A new study demonstrates that Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR™) technology is suitable for routine analysis of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food, feed, and seeds. The ddPCR assay is more accurate and reliable than real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) for quantifying GMOs, especially at low levels.


Bio-Rad’s New ddPCR™ Library Quantification Kit Optimizes Performance of Illumina NGS Platforms

Bio-Rad’s new ddPCR library quantification kits enable QX100 Droplet Digital PCR system users to precisely and directly measure library concentrations for next-generation sequencing.


Droplet Digital™ PCR Improves Detection Sensitivity of Telomerase Activity Assay

Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR™) technology dramatically enhances current telomerase activity assays, with important implications for the early detection of cancer and the rapid evaluation of cancer therapeutics.


Bio-Rad Receives Frost & Sullivan 2012 North American Laboratory Researchers’ Choice: Future Market Leader of Digital PCR Technology Award

The QX100™ Droplet Digital™ PCR system was cited as the future market leader in digital PCR systems for its precision, simple workflow, and affordability. More than half of the researchers surveyed plan to buy a QX100 system in the next year


Bio-Rad Introduces New Bio-Plex Pro™ RBM Kidney Toxicity Panels

Bio-Plex Pro RBM human, rat, and canine kidney toxicity panels, developed in partnership with Myriad RBM, Inc., enable earlier quantitation of FDA-approved markers of acute and chronic kidney injury in clinical and preclinical settings with unprecedented sensitivity.


Bio-Rad Has Acquired AbD Serotec

Bio-Rad has completed the acquisition of AbD Serotec, a leading antibody manufacturer offering over 15,000 antibodies, kits, and accessories. This acquisition will accelerate future antibody development and enhance product offerings in diagnostics and life science research.


Bio-Rad’s New Workflow Enables Highly Sensitive Evaluation of Antibodies Used to Measure HCP Impurities in Biotherapeutics

Bio-Rad will present a new and improved workflow for the evaluation of antibodies used to measure residual host cell protein impurities in biotherapeutics at the Well Characterized Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Symposium in Washington, D.C. January 29–31.


Digital PCR Pioneer Chooses Bio-Rad's QX100™ Droplet Digital™ PCR System to Develop Leukemia Test

Professor Alec Morley (Flinders University, Australia), a pioneer in digital PCR, has chosen Bio-Rad Laboratories’ QX100 Droplet Digital PCR system to develop a diagnostic test for chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). Monoquant, the company started by Morley to develop this technology, is seeking FDA approval for its new test.


Bio-Rad Showcases S3™ Cell Sorter at American Society for Cell Biology

Bio-Rad’s new S3 cell sorter will be shown at the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) Annual Meeting in San Francisco, December 15–19. The S3 cell sorter is an automated, easy-to-use, benchtop cell sorter equipped with one or two lasers, forward and side scatter detectors, and up to four fluorescent detectors.


Independent Study Validates Bio Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology for Analyzing Archival Cancer Samples

In a recently published study in Translational Medicine, researchers at Stanford University demonstrated the superiority of the QX100™ Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR™) system over qPCR for copy number analysis of cancer genome amplifications in FFPE tissue samples.


USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service Grants No Objection Letter for Bio-Rad’s Method for STEC Detection in Beef

The USDA FSIS approved Bio-Rad’s iQ-Check® real-time PCR method for the detection of six newly regulated Shiga toxin–producing Escherichia coli (STEC) strains in beef, which the FSIS began testing for in June 2012.


Bio-Rad Introduces the Genes in a Bottle™ Educational Kit to U.S. Retail Markets

A retail version of this kit, one of the most popular products offered by the company’s life science education program, introduces consumers to molecular biology by allowing them to extract their own DNA and bottle it as a necklace charm.


Bio-Rad’s New CFX Qualification Plate Offers Reliable Performance Verification on Any CFX Real-Time PCR System

The CFX qualification plate is preloaded with an optimized master mix, providing a fast, easy, and accurate method for obtaining pass/fail instrument performance results for all CFX real-time PCR systems.


Bio-Rad Introduces the CFX96 Touch Deep Well™ Real-Time PCR Detection System for Large-Volume Reactions

Designed and validated for detecting up to five targets in reaction volumes between 10 and 125 µl, the CFX96 Touch Deep Well system offers precise quantification and excellent uniformity with high thermal performance.


Bio-Rad Receives Frost & Sullivan 2012 North American Market Penetration Leadership Award in Quantitative and Digital PCR Instrumentation

This annual award honors the company that has demonstrated excellence in growing market share at the fastest rate in its industry, as measured by revenues or units sold.


Bio-Rad’s QX100™ Droplet Digital™ PCR System User Group Meeting Demonstrates System and Technology Gaining Traction

Researchers will discuss the many ways they are using Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.‘s QX100 Droplet Digital PCR system to achieve their research goals at the 2nd QX100 User Group Meeting to be held Dec. 6–7, 2012 in Boston.


New 96-Well Hard-Shell® Plates from Bio-Rad Prevent Warping, Facilitate Sample Loading

Bio-Rad introduces two new 96-well Hard-Shell plates for PCR and real-time PCR. The Hard-Shell low-profile semi-skirted PCR plate is compatible with multiple instruments including the Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast and ViiA 7 real-time PCR systems. The Hard-Shell 96-well 480 PCR plate is designed specifically for the Roche LightCycler 480 system.


New Study Reports Bio-Rad’s TGX Stain-Free™ Gels Streamline GeLC-MS Workflow

Researchers reported at the 2012 ASMS annual conference that Bio-Rad’s TGX Stain-Free gels enable higher throughput in GeLC-MS analysis. The results showed that the stain-free approach reduces sample preparation time without sacrificing the quality of mass spectrometric results.


Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology Proves Instrumental in Developing a Functional Cure for HIV

The QX100™ Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR™) system enables researchers at Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. to accurately detect rare mutations in HIV+ patients. The highly precise and reproducible data obtained with the QX100 system puts the company one step closer to identifying a functional cure for HIV.


Researchers Showcase the Power and Versatility of the Droplet Digital™ PCR System at the 2012 Digital PCR Conference

The QX100™ Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR™) system has demonstrated superior performance over existing methods for key research applications and is emerging as a platform for next-generation sequencing validation. The diverse applications of ddPCR technology will be explored at the first Digital PCR Conference in San Diego, CA, Oct. 15–16, 2012.


Independent Study Reports V3 Western Workflow™ with Stain-Free Technology Yields Superior Western Blotting Results

Scientists at Flinders University in Bedford Park, Australia recently demonstrated the superiority of a method employing Bio-Rad’s stain-free technology to use total protein as a loading control in semiquantitative western blotting.


Bio-Rad’s New PX1™ PCR Plate Sealer Creates a Perfect Seal Every Time

The semi-automated PX1 PCR plate sealer provides fast and consistent microplate sealing for PCR, qPCR, and Droplet Digital™ PCR applications. The PX1 plate sealer eliminates variability in plate sealing and prevents sample evaporation and ensures reliable data.


Bio-Rad’s New Clarity™ Western ECL Substrate Delivers Performance without Sacrifice

Ideally suited to meet the diverse needs of researchers utilizing western blotting, Bio-Rad’s Clarity substrate provides excellent results for both high- and low-expression proteins, using either film or digital detection systems.


Researchers Use the ProteOn™ XPR36 system to Study the Mechanisms Underlying Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Other Conditions

Learn about the latest cancer and disease research utilizing the ProteOn XPR36 protein interaction array system. This instrument uses surface plasmon resonance (SPR) to generate rich, label-free kinetic binding data.


Bio-Rad Introduces TC20™ Automated Cell Counter

In addition to the advanced features of the TC10™ system, such as auto-focus technology and the ability to analyze cells across multiple focal planes, the improved lens and cell counting algorithm of the TC20 automated cell counter make it compatible for use with a broader range of cell sizes and types.


Bio-Rad Introduces Mini-PROTEAN® TGX Stain-Free™ Precast Gels in Gradient Format

Ideal for samples that contain a broad range of protein sizes, the new gradient formats extend Bio-Rad’s line of mini- and midi-sized stain-free precast gels, providing researchers with the fastest separation and in-gel protein visualization capabilities available for Laemmli-based PAGE.


Researchers Showcase New Bio-Rad Sample Prep Applications at HUPO 2012

Faster running TGX™ gels and stain-free technology save researchers significant time without causing any losses to protein, peptide, or spectral identifications via mass spectrometry.


Bio-Rad’s New Image Lab™ Software Automates Total Protein Normalization for More Accurate Western Blotting Analysis

New software release extracts image data directly from imager to automate total protein normalization of multiplex fluorescent western blots and eliminate the need to translate data to another program and manipulate it for a result.


Bio-Rad Introduces New CFX Manager™ 3.0 Software

CFX Manager 3.0 offers researchers a complete, user-friendly solution for gene expression analysis. Everything from run setup to generation of publication-quality figures is now available in one software package.


Bio-Rad Introduces New Bio-Plex Pro™ Cell Signaling Assays

Bio-Plex Pro cell signaling assays take advantage of the magnetic bead workflow to detect phosphorylated and total protein targets involved in key intracellular signaling pathways.


New Study Demonstrates False Conclusions Reached if MIQE Not Followed in Human Placenta Quantitative PCR Studies

Inappropriate selection of reference genes and degraded RNA can lead to flawed data and erroneous results in reverse transcription quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) studies.


Bio-Rad’s QX100™ Droplet Digital™ PCR System Wins 2012 R&D 100 Award

The QX100 Droplet Digital PCR system provides single copy PCR resolution to accelerate discoveries and new strategies for the research of inherited disorders, cancer, and infectious disease.


Bio-Rad’s New iTaq™ Universal Supermixes Offer Robust Performance on Any Real-Time PCR Instrument

iTaq™ Universal SYBR® Green supermix and iTaq Universal Probes supermix are ready-to-use reaction master mixes made with a proprietary optimized buffer formulation for maximum sensitivity, efficiency, and reproducibility.


No More Western Blotting Worries: Bio-Rad’s New V3 Western Workflow™ Provides Confidence at Every Step of the Immunoblotting Workflow

Leveraging stain-free imaging technology, the V3 Western Workflow enables scientists to visualize protein separation, verify protein transfer, and confidently validate blot data via total protein normalization.


Bio-Rad’s New One-Step RT-ddPCR Kit for Probes Offers Precise RNA Quantitation

The one-step RT-ddPCR kit creates a new paradigm for the precise quantitation of RNA using the Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR™) system to determine small differences in target RNA copy number that are not measurable using real-time PCR.


Bio-Rad’s QX100™ Droplet Digital™ PCR System Wins 2012 Laboratory Equipment Readers’ Choice Award

The QX100 Droplet Digital PCR system provides single copy PCR resolution to accelerate discoveries and new strategies for the research of inherited disorders, cancer, and infectious diseases.


Bio-Rad’s PROTEAN® i12™ IEF System Wins 2012 Laboratory Equipment Readers’ Choice Award

The PROTEAN i12 IEF system boasts individual control of each of its 12 lanes, allowing researchers to generate reproducible 2-D gels in less time and with total confidence.


Bio-Rad Introduces New Bio-Plex® Assays for Immunology and Cancer Biomarker Research

The Bio-Plex Pro™ Human Th17 Cytokine panel and the Bio-Plex Pro Human Cancer Biomarker panel 1 detect biomarkers commonly involved in the Th17 immune response pathway and in cancer. Each assay includes targets unique to the Bio-Plex system.


Bio-Rad Publishes Case Study Demonstrating Importance of MIQE for qPCR Data Analysis

The study examined the effects of RNA sample quality and reference gene stability — two critical components of the MIQE checklist — on gene expression, comparing differences between normal and tumor breast cancer samples.


Bio-Rad Introduces New Mini-PROTEAN® TGX Stain-Free™ Precast Gels

The TGX Stain-Free™ gels include a unique trihalo compound that allows rapid fluorescent detection of proteins in gels or on membranes without the need for staining. Researchers can complete protein separation, staining, and analysis in less than 20 minutes.


Bio-Rad’s New ProteOn™ HTE Sensor Chip Suitable for Label-Free Analysis of Protein–Small Molecule Interactions

The chip’s innovative surface uses tris-NTA, a trimeric version of the NTA molecule, which yields a stronger binding interaction with the target resulting in improved data quality compared to other biosensor solutions for capturing polyhistidine-tagged targets.


Study Signals Arrival of Droplet Digital™ PCR

Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR™) is third-generation PCR, which enables precise measurements of DNA concentration, to provide absolute quantitation as a digital readout. ddPCR overcomes the high costs, limited throughput, and complicated workflows that hampered adoption of earlier commercial digital PCR systems.


Bio-Rad Introduces CFX Connect™ Real-Time PCR Detection System

The CFX Connect system, which requires a computer for operation, offers the same thermal performance as the CFX96 Touch™ real-time PCR system and detects two fluorophores per well for duplex experiments.


Bio-Rad’s New PROTEAN® i12™ IEF System Independently Powers Each Lane for Uncompromised Results in Less Time

The PROTEAN® i12™ IEF system is the industry’s only isoelectric focusing (IEF) system that is designed to simultaneously run up to 12 IPG strips in 12 independently programmed lanes.


Bio-Rad’s New Immun-Blot® LF PVDF Membranes Improve Fluorescent Blot Detection

Immun-Blot LF (low fluorescence) PVDF blotting membranes, optimized for fluorescence and multiplex fluorescence applications, offer high signal-to-background ratio, low autofluorescence, and superior protein retention to maximize detection sensitivity and enable downstream quantitation.


Bio-Rad Introduces Precision Melt Supermix for Robust High Resolution Melt Performance

Precision Melt Supermix delivers accurate and reproducible high resolution melt (HRM) performance for sensitive detection of all four classes of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) and CpG methylation for epigenetic studies.


Bio-Rad Introduces the ChemiDoc™ MP Imaging System for More Accurate Western Blot Quantification

The only stain-free enabled instrument with the capability to image chemiluminescent and multiplex fluorescent blots as well as routine gels, the ChemiDoc MP imaging system can also quantify total proteins for normalization after blotting. In addition, it integrates with Bio-Rad’s V3 Western Workflow™, allowing researchers to visualize, verify, and validate western blotting results in every single step.


Bio-Rad Introduces iScript™ Advanced cDNA Synthesis Kit for RT-qPCR

New two-component cDNA synthesis kit allows rapid reverse transcription of up to 7.5 µg of input RNA, giving researchers the ability to get more real-time PCR data from a single reaction.


Bio-Rad Introduces SsoAdvanced™ SYBR® Green Supermix

Increased enzyme processivity and high tolerance for common PCR inhibitors are key benefits of this new real-time PCR mix, allowing researchers to get results 25% faster and work with compromised or difficult samples such as blood


Bio-Rad’s New ProteOn™ HTG Sensor Chip Enables More Reliable Polyhistidine-Tagged Protein Interaction Studies by Surface Plasmon Resonance

Used with Bio-Rad’s ProteOn™ XPR36 system, the HTG Sensor Chip’s innovative surface chemistry has increased binding stability and specificity for His-tagged proteins. Additionally, the ability to regenerate and reuse HTG chips multiple times can significantly reduce the cost of generating data.


Bio-Rad Named Life Science Award Finalist in Two Categories: Most Innovative New Product and Most Effective Marketing Campaign

EpiQ™ Chromatin Analysis Kit and Imageffortlessly marketing campaign for the Gel Doc™ EZ imager named Life Science Awards finalists at the first annual European Lab Automation conference in Hamburg, Germany.


Bio-Rad Introduces C1000 Touch™ Thermal Cycler

Ideal for large high-throughput labs, the C1000 Touch thermal cycler combines the high performance and advanced features of the C1000 thermal cycler with a new large color touch screen.


Bio-Rad Introduces the T100™ Thermal Cycler

The compact 96-well T100 thermal cycler is a compact, reliable, and economical 96-well PCR instrument with an easy-to-use graphical touch screen.


Bio-Rad Introduces the CFX96 Touch™ and CFX384 Touch™ Real-Time PCR Detection Systems

The CFX96 Touch and CFX384 Touch systems are the first standalone real-time PCR systems that combine the optical technology of the CFX optical reaction modules with the precise thermal control and usability of the C1000 Touch™ chassis.


Bio-Rad's New ProteOn Manager™ Software 3.0 Makes Protein Interaction Analysis Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Easier

Updated software to further streamline experimental set up and data analysis with the ProteOn™ XPR36 protein interaction array system.


Bio-Rad Introduces New Bio-Plex Pro™ Magnetic Bead–Based, Multiplex Immunoassays

News panels for TGF-β, rat cytokines and diabetes, and mouse TH17 cytokines are available, These assays are built on Luminex’s MagPlex platform, to take advantage of the magnetic beads workflow that simplifies assay preparation and reduces variability in results


Bio-Rad Publishes Practical Tips on How to Optimize PCR Experiments for High Resolution Melt Analysis

The Tech Notes detail several important factors for successful HRM analysis, including reagent selection, DNA quality, amplicon size, and reaction optimization.


Published Study Validates New Protein Enrichment Approach for Low-Abundance Biomarker Detection

Paper reports that researchers used Bio-Rad's ProteoMiner™ protein enrichment kit to identify potential low-abundance markers of breast cancer in human saliva.


Bio-Rad Publishes Two New Tech Bulletins that Highlight the Accuracy and Reproducibility of its TC10™ Automated Cell Counter

Data presented demonstrate how the TC10 automated cell counter improves the accuracy of both total and live cell counting, and reduces time to results compared to other methods.


Bio-Rad's New Trans-Blot® Turbo™ Transfer System Enables Protein Transfer In Western Blotting in as Little as 3 Minutes

The Trans-Blot® Turbo™ system's rapid setup using prepackaged Turbo transfer packs and short transfer times, coupled with its ability to transfer four mini gels or two midi gels simultaneously, make the system ideal for high-throughput experiments.


Bio-Rad's New CFX Manager™ Software 2.0 Streamlines Real-Time PCR Experiment Setup, Data Analysis, and MIQE Compliance

From scheduling the use of an instrument to expediting manuscript acceptance, CFX Manager software 2.0 makes running qPCR experiments easier than ever.


Bio-Rad Introduces the EpiQ™ Chromatin Analysis Kit

The EpiQ chromatin analysis kit is the first commercial research tool that helps scientists quantify the impact of epigenetic events on gene expression regulation through chromatin state changes.


Bio-Rad Launches New B2B PunchOut eCommerce Solution to meet the needs of eProcurement-based customers

Bio-Rad's new PunchOut system offers a seamless interface with your organization's internal e-procurement system — leverage all the benefits of Bio-Rad's website directly from within your system.


Bio-Rad Launches eCommerce and Search Enhancements on Bio-Rad.com

Bio-Rad continues to find new ways to meet your needs for informed purchasing. Our latest site updates include improved search; quote, ordering, and invoicing enhancements; and a simplified Bio-Pex assay builder.


The Scientist Names Bio-Rad’s Gel Doc™ EZ Imager One of the "Top 10 Innovations" of 2010

The Gel Doc EZ imager, with its automated push-button functionality, flexibility, and stain-free technology, was ranked among the "Top 10 Innovations of 2010" by The Scientist, out of more than 60 entries reviewed.


Bio-Rad Introduces Criterion™ TGX Stain-Free™ Precast Gels

With fast runs and no need for staining, researchers can achieve protein separation, gel imaging, and data analysis in 25 minutes using the Criterion TGX Stain-Free precast gels.


Monthly Web Specials for Protein Research Products

New monthly promotion provides a discount on selected protein research products when purchased online at Bio-Rad.com.


Bio-Rad's New SsoFast™ EvaGreen® Supermix with Low ROX Cuts qPCR Time in Half on PCR Instruments Requiring ROX Dye

SsoFast EvaGreen supermix with low ROX enables fast cycling without affecting PCR sensitivity, efficiency, or reproducibility on Bio-Rad's real-time PCR detection systems as well as the ABI 7500 Fast and Standard systems.


The "ProteOn™ XPR36 Giveaway Program" Names a Winner

Scientist at the Drexel University College of Medicine has won a ProteOn™ XPR36 protein interaction array system in a recent scientific research proposal competition, co-sponsored by Bio-Rad and Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News.


Paper Demonstrates New Top-Down Approach for Identifying Low Abundance Biomarkers

New study takes advantage of ProteoMiner™ bead technology to identify low-abundance biomarkers using the Lucid Proteomics System™, which combines Bio-Rad’s SELDI-based ProteinChip® array technology and Bruker’s high-resolution mass spectrometers.


Bio-Rad Introduces Gel Doc™ EZ, the First Gel Documentation System to Give Results at the Push of a Single Button

Versatile easy-to-use system can be used for a variety of gel and blot imaging applications. Convenient tray system allows to the visualization of DNA, RNA, and protein gels stained with a variety of fluorescent and colorimetric dyes as well as Bio-Rad’s Criterion® TGX Stain-Free™ gels.


First Isolation of Full-Length BRCA2 Protein Enabled by Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN® TGX™ Precast Gels

Isolation of a protein that has eluded scientists for many years demonstrates superiority of Bio-Rad’s Mini-PROTEAN® TGX™ precast gels over other precast and handcast gels.


Bio-Rad’s New SsoFast™ EvaGreen® Control Assay Helps Labs Verify Real-Time PCR System Performance

Control assay, which has been validated on the Bio-Rad CFX96™, CFX384™, MyiQ™2, and MiniOpticon™ real-time PCR systems, can easily be incorporated into any real-time PCR instrument qualification procedures.


New Bio-Rad Video Shows Best Practices for Simplifying Gene Expression Studies

Video highlights the use of the TC10™ automated cell counter to quickly, accurately, and reproducibly determine the number of live mammalian cells in a sample prior to transfection.


Bio-Rad Introduces Methods for the Rapid Purification of Tag-Free Recombinant Proteins from Eukaryotic and Bacterial Systems

Bio-Rad Laboratories has published new methods for using the Profinity eXact™ fusion-tag system to express recombinant proteins in insect, HeLa, and bacterial cells, and obtain tag-free purified protein in a process that takes less than one hour.


Bio-Rad’s New SsoFast™ Probes Supermix Accelerates Gene Expression Analysis

With an optimized buffer formulation, the SsoFast probes supermix yields fast duplex qPCR results in 30 minutes or less while maintaining a broad dynamic range of detection and accurate quantification.


Collaboration Between Bio-Rad and Layerlab Enables High Throughput Kinetic Analysis of Any Transmembrane Protein

Bio-Rad’s ProteOn™ XPR36 system and Layerlab’s lipid bilayer immobilization method overcomes hurdles to kinetic analysis of membrane-bound proteins


Bio-Rad Introduces a New Extended Range Protein Standard: the Precision Plus Protein™ Dual Xtra Standard

This new addition to the Precision Plus Protein standards line of products allows researchers to use only one protein ladder to assess proteins with molecular weights ranging from 2 to 250 kD.


Bio-Rad's New TC10™ Automated Cell Counter Counts Mammalian Cells in 30 Seconds

Unique auto-focus technology and image analysis algorithm of the TC10 cell counter provide accurate and reproducible cell counts.


Mini-PROTEAN® TGX™ Gels Deliver Reproducible Laemmli PAGE Performance, Unprecedented Speed, and Extended Shelf Life

Long shelf life, short run times, and enhanced separation resolution of Mini-PROTEAN TGX gels will provide invaluable benefits for researchers in both costs and quality of results


Bio-Rad’s ProteOn™ XPR36 protein interaction system and Integral Molecular’s Lipoparticle technology provide high-throughput kinetic analysis of membrane protein interactions.

This is especially beneficial for researchers in large molecule therapeutics as it gives them the ability to perform high-throughput screening of large numbers of antibodies


Bio-Rad’s New Educational Video Examines Transfecting Primary Cells with High Efficiency

Video demonstrates how electroporation using Bio-Rad’s Gene Pulser MXcell™ system and patent pending Gene Pulser® electroporation buffer is an efficient way to transfer nucleic acids into difficult-to-transfect mammalian cells.


Bio-Rad’s Image Lab™ Software Makes Generating High-Quality, Scientific Images Simple

Image Lab software optimizes image capture, analysis and reporting in a single automated workflow.


Tech Note Examines How to Efficiently Transfect Mouse and Human Embryonic Stem Cells

The technical note examines ways to optimize electroporation parameters for the efficient transfer of DNA into mouse embryonic stem cells and human embryonic stem cells that have been grown under colony-forming and feeder-free conditions.


Phase 2 of 2-D Gel Reproducibility Study Demonstrates Inter-Lab Reproducibility

Study defines gold standard and universal protocol for running 2-D gels to ensure high performance and reproducibility of 2-D processes.


Bio-Rad's iScript™ RT-qPCR Sample Preparation Reagent Provides Reverse Transcription–Ready RNA in Five Minutes

Reagent for rapid isolation of total RNA allows reverse transcription and real-time PCR to be performed directly from cell lysates.


Bio-Rad Announces the Exclusive Availability of Biogazelle's qbasePLUS Data Analysis Software with Bio-Rad's CFX96™ and CFX384™ Real-Time PCR Systems

qBasePLUS software for Bio-Rad's real-time PCR detection systems enhances accuracy of qPCR data analysis by using proven solutions for data quality control.


Lucid Proteomics System™ from Bio-Rad and Bruker Combines Top-Down and Bottom-Up Proteomics to Improve Biomarker Discovery

Combination of Bio-Rad's ProteinChip SELDI-based array technology with Bruker's ultrafleXtreme MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer offers unmatched performance for the identification of intact peptides and proteins of less than 30 kD.


Bio-Rad Launches CFX Manager Software Version 1.5

The system integrates with the CFX96™ and CFX384™ real-time PCR detection systems and can handle up to 7,680 samples at a time, facilitating workflow automation and generation of large volumes of data.


Bio-Rad Launches Bio-Plex Pro Magnetic Bead-Based Human and Mouse Cytokine Assays

Bio-Plex Pro magnetic bead-based human and mouse cytokine assays are multiplex assays that offer fast and accurate performance for the detection of multiple biomarkers in a single experiment.


Bio-Rad and Bruker Sign Joint Product Development and Co-Marketing Agreement.

Bio-Rad and Bruker partner to offer new high-throughput solutions for biomarker discovery that will allow the detection and high-confidence identification of intact peptides and proteins under 30 kD.


2D-Gel Reproducibility Study in Phase Two

A total of 15 labs from seven countries will participate in phase II of the Reproducibility Project to develop standards and validated protocols that will ensure reproducibility in 2-D gel electrophoresis applications across platforms.


Consortium Chooses ProteOn™ XPR36 System for Pilot Study

Study seeks to demonstrate the feasibility of a variety of methods to generate better affinity reagents for use in the exploration of the human proteome.


Bio-Rad Releases Its CFX384™ Real-Time PCR Detection System

Designed for high-throughput real-time PCR in a 384-well format, the CFX384 system and the new CFX Manager™ software expand research flexibility and provide more multiplexing capabilities.


Bio-Rad Announces New Human Primary Cell Transfection Protocols

Conditions for electroporation were developed using Bio-Rad’s Gene Pulser MXcell™ electroporation system and Gene Pulser® electroporation buffer.


Bio-Rad Introduces a Standardization Suite for the ProteinChip® SELDI System

This new standardization suite is designed to ensure that ProteinChip SELDI systems provide consistent, reproducible results over time, operators, and locations.


Bio-Rad Announces Real-Time PCR Detection System

The CFX96™ optical reaction module builds on the power and flexibility of the C1000™ thermal cycler, creating a precise real-time PCR system.


Bio-Rad Introduces Two Absorbance Microplate Readers

Combined with Microplate Manager® 6 software, the iMark™ absorbance microplate reader and the xMark™ absorbance microplate spectrophotometer are now available for use in academic and industrial labs.

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