Nucleic Acid Standards

molecular rulers-ez load standards


Nucleic acid standards include molecular rulers with evenly spaced banding patterns (DNA ladders), EZ Load standards premixed with loading buffer, and specialty products, such as pulsed field standards.

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    Molecular Rulers
    Molecular Rulers

    Molecular rulers are DNA standards with precisely defined size intervals between bands (DNA ladders). Bio-Rad provides three types of molecular rulers: standard, EZ Load, and AmpliSize rulers.

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    Molecular Mass Rulers
    Bio-Rad precision molecular mass rulers (DNA ladders) allow accurate DNA quantitation in gels, making them ideal for densitometry or image analysis. The EZ Load precision molecular mass ruler is ready to load.
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    Pulsed Field Standards
    Bio-Rad pulsed field electrophoresis standards can be used for FIGE separation of cosmid inserts or separation of the largest chromosomes. Choose from recombinant DNA ladders or genomic digests.