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As a leading supplier of complete QC workflow solutions - from setup to data analysis - Bio-Rad is fully committed to providing its customers with the learning resources they need to maintain reliable QC patient test results.

QC Process & Design

Laboratory Management

  • Gaining-Maintaining-Lab-Accreditation

    Gaining & Maintaining Lab Accreditation

    What sets a lab apart when it comes to quality? Accurate, consistent results and quick turnaround times are important, but accreditation can also help demonstrate the lab’s commitment to providing the highest quality possible.

  • Preparing-Stress-Free-QC-Audit

    Preparing for a Stress-Free QC Audit

    Failing an audit can result in potential fines, the need for re-audits, and a damaged reputation. The good news is there are many preventive measures laboratories can take before an inspection to help prepare.

  • Best-Practices-Education-Lab-Personnel

    Best Practices and Continuing Education for Lab Personnel

    Lab personnel play a critical role in ensuring accurate and efficient testing results. As the demands and complexities of the field continue to increase, it becomes essential to focus on skill development for lab staff.

  • Managing-laboratory-staff-burnout

    Managing Laboratory Staff Burnout

    Learning how to manage burnout among lab staff not only facilitates keeping quality high, but also retaining personnel that are vital to lab work. Learn about the root causes and effects of burnout and ways to combat it in the lab.

  • Optimizing-Supply-Chain-Post-Pandemic-World

    Optimizing Your Supply Chain in a Post-Pandemic World

    The COVID-19 pandemic affected life in myriad ways, with supply chain uncertainty being one of the most widespread and lingering. Learn how to navigate supply chain uncertainties post-pandemic.

  • Mergers-Acquisitions

    Navigating Mergers & Acquisitions for Medical Laboratories

    Healthcare organizations are increasingly pursuing mergers, acquisitions, and integration to acquire new capabilities and reduce costs. Learn how to manage your lab during a transition.

QC Data Management

QC Troubleshooting & Solutions

The Value of Bio-Rad QC

  • Benefits-of-Independent-QC

    The Benefits of Independent QC

    Quality control (QC) plays an important role in laboratory testing, enabling labs to monitor the analytical quality of a procedure, detect errors, and help ensure the reporting of accurate and reliable patient test results.

  • Powering-Exceptional-Labs

    Powering Exceptional Labs: The Value of a Bio-Rad Partnership

    Quality control (QC) plays a pivotal role in laboratory operations, and effective QC programs are essential for helping ensure reliable outcomes. Learn how Bio-Rad can help identify and support lab's unique needs.

QC Training & Continuing Education

  • Quality Control Process Optimization with Cost of Quality Application

    QC Process Optimization with Cost of Quality Application

    Learn the essentials of cost-of-quality thinking, such as how to apply a QC process flow chart to your laboratory’s QC program, as well as how to calculate the costs of a failed laboratory process.

  • Laboratory-QC-Materials-QC-Workbook

    Laboratory Quality Control Materials QC Workbook

    Designed for lab professionals, learn key concepts in understanding and selecting QC for laboratory testing procedures.

  • Basic-Statistics-QC-Workbook

    Basic Statistics QC Workbook

    Learn basic laboratory quality control (QC) statistics, Levey-Jennings (LJ) charts & statistical rules and comparative evaluations to achieve a higher standard of quality in your clinical lab.

  • General-QC-Training-&-Education

    General QC Training & Education

    Bio-Rad is committed to providing clinical diagnostics labs with the educational resources you need to produce reliable and accurate test results. Become a QC expert and learn more.

  • QC-Data-Management-Training-Education

    QC Data Management Training & Education

    Get training on Bio-Rad's leading QC data management tool, Unity software, which enables labs to connect and compare data worldwide with QC peer groups.

  • EQAS-Training-Education

    EQAS Training & Education

    Access our extensive training and educational resources on EQAS, including a user guide as well as setup, and data submission instructions.

  • QC articles

    QC Articles

    Optimize your QC processes with best practices. We offer articles in all aspects of QC.

  • QC Webinars

    QC Webinars

    Learn more about the basics of optimizing your QC processes, QC design and strategy, or QC statistics.

  • QC videos

    QC Videos

    Access a variety of QC-related videos presented by Bio-Rad experts and global thought leaders. 


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