Product Guarantee
All Bio-Rad products are guaranteed to meet the specifications indicated in the packed insert, IFU, product brochure or operation manual. If you have questions about specifications or performance, please call your local Bio-Rad sales representative or contact Technical Services at 1-800-2-BIORAD.

Bio-Rad Laboratories warrants that its products will meet the original manufacturer specification and be free from defects in materials and workmanship when it leaves the factory. If a defect should appear during the warranty period, the defective part(s) will be replaced or the instrument will be replaced or repaired, at Bio-Rad's option, at no cost to the customer. Warranty periods are product specific but are generally a 12 month period from the date of shipment and/or installation. Instrument warranties do not include consumable parts or supplies used to run the instrument system, such as paper, ink, probes, fluids, cups, tubes, cuvettes, cartridges, tips, etc. This warranty does not cover items broken or damaged, including glass, by improper handling or use. Additionally, defects not covered are: repair or modification done by anyone other than Bio-Rad or an authorized agent, use of parts supplied by any vendor other than Bio-Rad, damage caused by disaster and corrosion due to solvent and sample spills. Reagents and chemistry products are warranted through their expiration date or for 1 year from shipment if no expiration date is indicated. Non-Bio-Rad branded products, such as computers and computer peripherals, are covered by the original equipment manufacturer's warranty. Warranties are not transferable from the original purchaser. Warranty coverage may be void if the product is moved outside of the country where the product was originally purchased.