Frame-Seal™ in situ PCR and Hybridization Slide Chambers, 9 x 9 mm, 25 µl #SLF0201



Pkg of 100, 9 x 9 mm, adhesive in situ PCR and hybridization chambers, 25 µl, flexible plastic coverslips included



Use Frame-Seal Incubation Chambers for limited volume reactions for samples on slides. The hybridization chambers are packaged in strips with perforations between each chamber.

  • Strong adhesive provides a leak-proof seal; after incubations a single-edge razor blade will help break the seal between the frame and slide
  • Use with plain glass slides
  • Use for FISH, in situ PCR, polony, PRINS and other hybridization techniques
  • Seal withstands cycling temperatures up to 97°C
  • Can be UV treated or autoclaved
  • Compatible with Bio-Rad and other horizontal-format thermal cyclers that accommodate slides

Slides with highly hydrophobic ink patterns (such as PTFE) are not recommended for use with Frame-Seal Incubation Chambers.

Product Options

Frame-Seal Slide in situ PCR and Hybridization Chambers are available in several different dimensions to accommodate a range of sample and specimen sizes.

Hybridization Chamber Volume Chamber Size Catalog Number
25 µl 9 x 9 mm SLF0201
65 µl 15 x 15 mm SLF0601
125 µl 17 x 28 mm SLF1201
300 µl 19 x 60 mm SLF3001

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