(Discontinued) Chill-out™ Liquid Wax for PCR Tubes and Plates, red, 100 ml #CHO1401


100 ml, vapor barrier for use in thermal cyclers, red



Replace mineral oil with Chill-out Liquid Wax in thermal cyclers without heated lids.

  • Chilled below 10°C the wax solidifies
  • After cycling, wax layer prevents both aerosolization and spills
  • Easy sample retrieval by penetration with a pipet tip
  • Red color provides visibility

Chill-out Liquid Wax is not recommended for use with Microseal® 384-Well PCR Plates.

Packaging Options

Chill-out Liquid Wax is available with a red color for visibility, or clear for fluorescence and other optical assays.

Chill-out Liquid Wax Color Volume Catalog Number
Red 100 ml CHO1401
Red 1 L CHO1404
Clear, optical grade 100 ml CHO1411

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