5 ml Empty Bio-Scale™ Mini Cartridges #7324661



Pkg of 5, 5 ml, empty chromatography columns, 40 mm x 12.6 mm, max. pressure 45 psi, for use with BioLogic™ systems or any chromatography system



Use empty Bio-Scale Mini cartridges with your choice of resin in BioLogic systems or any chromatography system. Convenient, ready to use, and disposable, the cartridges are constructed of polypropylene parts chemically compatible with the aqueous buffers most commonly used for protein separations. The 1 ml cartridges can be used with a Luer-Lok syringe for simple step elution.

  • Patented double-walled cartridge design* for extra durability
  • Reliable runs up to 45 psi
  • Luer fittings make connections easy

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* U.S. patent 7,208,08