CFX Connect Real-Time PCR Detection System #1855201



Two-color real-time PCR detection system, includes CFX Connect Thermal Cycler Chassis, CFX Connect Optical Reaction Module, cables



Use the CFX Connect Real-Time PCR Detection System for two-target analysis. The 96-well reaction module offers excellent thermal performance and uniformity across the entire block. Multiple data acquisition modes, including a fast-scan option, provide the flexibility to meet all your real-time PCR needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for control by remote personal computer (up to 4 CFX Systems)
  • Detection of up to 2 targets per well, plus a channel dedicated to singleplex FRET
  • Integrated solution for your SYBR® Green or EvaGreen and duplex experiments
  • Thermal gradient feature identifies optimal annealing temperature in a single run

The CFX Connect Real-Time PCR Detection System features six independently controlled thermal electric units, providing even, precisely controlled temperatures at all times during the run, including ramping. The reduced mass of the honeycomb block provides fast ramping and reduced settling time (time to achieve thermal uniformity). The programmable thermal gradient feature allows a temperature gradient of up to 24°C across the reaction block at any step in a protocol.

The optical system, with three filtered LEDs and three filtered photodiodes, collects data from all wells, detecting up to two targets per well. For single-color FAM, EvaGreen, and SYBR Green I Assays, the fast-scan option reads single-channel fluorescence in all 96 wells in just 3 seconds. A separate channel with an LED filter–photodiode combination is dedicated to FRET singleplex experiments.

Product Components

Configuration Options

The CFX Connect Real-Time PCR Detection System is available with a starter package with SYBR Green Supermix, 96-well PCR plates, and plate seals (1855200).

The CFX Connect Real-time PCR Detection System can be configured with other PCR instruments, so that it can be software-controlled. Instrument permutations allow up to four different CFX Connect, CFX96, or CFX384 Systems to be controlled by one PC. You can start the same experiment on all four instruments at once, or start a run on one instrument while another is running a different program.

Combine any two CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems with the CFX Automation System II, our robotic plate handler, to create a high-throughput, automated real-time PCR system with a compact footprint.

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