iScript™ RT-qPCR Sample Preparation Reagent #1708899


500 reactions, 5 x 10 ml, contains RNA stabilizers

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  • Catalog #170-8898, 100 reactions, 10 ml, contains RNase inhibitors and RNA stabilizers
  • Catalog #170-8899, 500 reactions, 5 x 10 ml, contains RNase inhibitors and RNA stabilizers


iScript™ RT-qPCR sample preparation reagent provides a simple and rapid procedure (<10 min) for isolating total RNA from cultured cells to use for RT-qPCR. This reagent delivers efficient cell lysis and RNA stabilization for sensitive qPCR without traditional RNA sample preparation.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Have ease-of-use and simplicity — one-buffer formulation contains all of the necessary components to perform cell lysis and RNA stabilization in 5–10 min
  • Benefit from superior compatibility with qPCR directly from cells — sensitive detection of high-, medium-, and low-copy gene targets directly from cell lysates using real-time qPCR when combined with iScript reverse transcription and qPCR reagents
  • Maximize data from very few cells — reagent enables multiplex real-time detection of up to 4 targets from as few as 10 cells
  • Extend isolated RNA shelf-life — isolated RNA is stable for up to 6 months when frozen
  • Use with different cell types — compatible with both suspension and adherent cell cultures

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