Molecular Imager® Gel Doc™ XR+ System #1708195EDU



Gel imaging system, includes universal hood, UV transilluminator, epi-white illumination, camera, cables, Image Lab™ software compatible with Windows or Mac OS; education use only



Use the Gel Doc XR+ Imaging System for fast, easy, and accurate gel and blot imaging and analysis in the lab and classroom. The included Image Lab Software makes image acquisition and analysis simple, and it can save and recall all the steps in a workflow for repeatable and reproducible results.

The Gel Doc XR+ System is suitable for a wide range of applications with special accessories that preserve sample integrity for downstream research while ensuring user safety. System optimization is performed automatically at setup, to yield image data that are always accurate, reproducible, and free of imaging artifacts.

Features and Benefits of the Gel Doc XR+ Imaging System with Image Lab Software:

  • Automated, hands-off routines that require no training
  • Comprehensive, automated, quantitative analysis of protein and DNA samples in seconds
  • Reports with customized and organized data
  • Quick publication-quality results
  • Focused images at all times, regardless of zoom level or sample position
  • Appropriate, automatic, and consistent flat fielding correction of image data for every application
  • Automatic correction of imaging artifacts

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Note: Use the optional XcitaBlue kit if performing SYBR® Safe DNA applications, because the UV to blue conversion screen allows you to visualize DNA samples while protecting against UV damage.
Gel documentation
Hardware Specifications
Maximum sample size
28 x 36 cm
Maximum image area
19.4 x 26 cm
Excitation source
Epi-white light and trans-UV (302 nm) are standard (optional 365 nm lamp available); optional trans-white conversion screen and XcitaBlue™ UV/blue conversion screen available
Illumination control
3 modes (trans-UV, trans white, epi-white)
Image resolution
4 megapixels
Pixel size (H x V) 
4.65 x 4.65 µm
Filter holder
3 positions (2 for filters, 1 without filter)
Emission filters
1 included (standard), 3 optional
Dynamic range
>3.0 orders of magnitude
Pixel density (gray levels)
Dynamic flat fielding
Application specific, for all applications
Instrument size (L x W x H)
36 x 60 x 96 cm
Instrument weight
32 kg
Operating Ranges
Operating voltage
110/115/230 V AC nominal
Operating temperature
10–28°C (21°C recommended)
Operating humidity range
<70% noncondensing
Automation Capabilities
Workflow automated selection
Application driven; user selected or recalled by a protocol
Workflow automated execution
Controlled by a protocol via application specific setup for image area, illumination source, filter, analysis, and reporting
Workflow reproducibility
100% repeatability via recallable protocols; from image capture to quantitative analysis and reports
Autofocus (patent pending)
Precalibrated focus for any zoom setting or sample height
Image flat fielding**
Dynamic; precalibrated and optimized per application **U. S. patent 5,951,838
2 user-defined modes (intense or faint bands)