Criterion™ Cell/Wire Blotter System #1656025



Vertical midi-gel electrophoresis cell (#165-6001) and Criterion blotter (#170-4071) with wire electrodes
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The Criterion™ cell (catalog #165-6001) and Criterion blotter (catalog #170-4071) are bundled together in this offering.

The Criterion cell is an electrophoresis cell dedicated to running one or two Criterion gels. The Criterion cell includes a buffer tank, lid with power cables, and three sample loading guides (12+2-well, 18-well, and 26-well).

The Criterion blotter provides rapid, high-quality blotting of two Criterion gels or four Mini-PROTEAN® gels. The cell accommodates two color-coded gel holder cassettes for simultaneous electrophoretic transfer. The Criterion blotter includes a buffer tank with wire electrodes, lid with power cables, two gel holder cassettes, absorbent filter paper, four foam pads, gel/blot assembly tray, roller, and a sealed ice block.