(Discontinued) ProLine™ Calibration Beads #1451081



Discontinued Product
This item has been replaced by ProLine Universal Calibration Beads (1451086)

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Discontinued Product
This item has been replaced by ProLine™ Universal Calibration Beads (1451086).


ProLine Calibration Beads are optimized and required to verify the alignment performance and determine the drop delay on the S3 and S3e Cell Sorters with 488 or 488/561 nm lasers. Each bottle contains a single population of ready-to-use fluorescent beads.

  • Bypass the dilution step with ready-to-use fluorescent beads
  • Perform both alignment and sort drop delay with one reagent in less than 5 minutes
  • Achieve automated alignment verification and sort drop delay determination with ProSort™ Software

Each lot of ProLine Calibration Beads has an associated bead lot file. Prior to using a new lot, download the associated bead lot file from the table below and then import the file into ProSort Software.

To download and import a new bead lot file, follow the instructions below.

1. Double click on your bead lot from the table below.
Bead Lot File
2. Save the file to the S3 or S3e desktop or on a thumb drive.
3. Double click on the ProSort Software icon.
4. Log in to ProSort Software as an administrator user.
5. Select Administration tab > Edit QC Criteria.
6. Click to import the new bead lot file. Select the new bead lot file and click open.


The new bead lot is now saved in ProSort Software and added to the bead lot dropdown menu for future use.


Supporting Documentation

For step-by-step instructions to ensure that ProLine Calibration Beads are prepared for optimal use, refer to the ProLine Calibration Beads Product Insert.

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3 x 5 ml
1 x 106 beads/ml
Bead size
6 µm
Storage Buffer Composition
Deionized water with 0.02% sodium azide and 0.01% NP-40
Store at 2–8°C.
Do not freeze.



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ProLine Calibration Beads Product Insert, Rev A