ReadiDrop™ Propidium Iodide #1351101



9 ml, (3 x 3 ml) ready-to-use dropper bottles for dead cell exclusion
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use ReadiDrop propidium iodide, a ready-to-use cell viability dye, for excluding dead cells in flow cytometry experiments. As a cell-impermeable assay, ReadiDrop propidium iodide enters a compromised cell and binds to double-stranded DNA/RNA by intercalating between base pairs.

Easily combine this labeling dye with your GFP experiment to exclude dead cells. Detect the results in FL3 (585/25) of the 488/561 S3™ cell sorter system.

Key Benefits of ReadiDrop Propidium Iodide Cell Viability Assay

  • Ideal for cell sorting — fluorescent molecules are suspended in PBS without preservatives
  • Stable at room temperature — keep a bottle of ReadiDrop propidium iodide cell viability assay by your cell sorter or cell analyzer for easy access
  • No more weighing, pipetting, or diluting — ready-to-use solution to gives 1 µg/ml as the final concentration

Features of the ReadiDrop Propidium Iodide Cell Viability Dye

  • Fluorophore Properties
    • Excitation maximum: 538 nm
    • Emission maximum: 617 nm
    • Optimal excitation laser: 561 nm or 488 nm
  • Fluorescent Spectrum

Fluorescent Spectrum

  • Molecular weight: 668.39 g/mol
  • Molecular formula: C27H34I2N4
  • Chemical structure

Chemical Structure

  • Specifications
    • Store at 15–30°C
    • Do not freeze

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More Information

Learn more about ReadiDrop™ propidium iodide solution  and the features of the S3e™ Cell Sorter.