RNase P Assay (Cy5.5) #12004601



Pkg of 1, vial, 440 µl of 12.5x concentrated primers/probe solution
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



The RNase P Assay (Cy5.5) is a hydrolysis probe-based assay for the detection of RNase P. The assay can be included as an additional control in the ZDC Multiplex RT-PCR Assay and other assays, and has been designed to be compatible with Bio-Rad's CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems.

RNase P is a single-copy gene that is frequently used as a control. Use of the RNase P Assay can reduce false negative rates that can occur due to:

  • Insufficient number of cells collected
  • Poor sample quality
  • Presence of PCR inhibitors

Product Options

The RNase P Assay (Cy5.5) has been wet-lab validated on Bio-Rad's CFX96™ Real-Time PCR Detection Systems. The RNase P Assay (TAMRA) is compatible with the Thermo Fisher ABI 7500 system. Check the compatibility with your qPCR system in the table below.

If your system is not listed, please check the RNase P Assay (TAMRA) (12004602) compatibility chart or contact Bio-Rad Technical Support for more information.

RNase P Assay (Cy5.5) Compatibility

Manufacturer Instrument
Bio-Rad Laboratories CFX96 System
Thermo Fisher Scientific QuantStudio 5, QuantStudio 7, QuantStudio 12K
Qiagen Rotor-Q/RotoGene
Roche LC-480

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Storage at –20°C
Guaranteed for 6 months in a constant temperature freezer