hFAB™ Rhodamine Anti-Tubulin Primary Antibody 40 µl #12004166


Pkg of 1, lyophilized rhodamine-conjugated anti-tubulin human Fab fragment; reconstitute to 40 µl

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Use hFAB Rhodamine Anti-Tubulin IgG to detect the housekeeping protein tubulin without needing a secondary antibody. This primary antibody, made using Human Combinatorial Antibody Library (HuCAL®) Technology, has high specificity. hFAB Rhodamine Anti-Tubulin IgG is optimized for use with the ChemiDoc™ MP Imaging System.

Features and Benefits

  • One-step detection of human or mouse tubulin without the need for a secondary antibody
  • No cross-reactivity with commonly used secondary antibodies from different species
  • Easy multiplexing with StarBright™ Blue 700 and DyLight 800 Labeled Secondary Antibodies

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Catalog Number

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  • Fluorescent Western Blotting with StarBright Blue 700 Secondary Antibodies Selection Guide
  • StarBright Blue 700 Secondary Antibodies Flier

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Shelf life 1 year at –20°C lyophilized; 6 months at 4°C after resuspension
Recommended dilution 1:1,000–1:10,000
Cross-reactivity human, mouse, and rat
Antigen Recombinant human β-tubulin expressed in E.coli
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