ddPCR™ NRAS Q61 Screening Kit #12001006



200 x 20 µl reactions, includes 20x NRAS Q61 screening assay and ddPCR Supermix for Probes (No dUTP) for screening 5 NRAS Q61 mutations using the QX200™ or QX200™ AutoDG™ Droplet Digital™ PCR Systems
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use the ddPCR NRAS Q61 Screening Kit to screen your samples for the following five NRAS mutations in a single well:

  • Q61K
  • Q61L
  • Q61R
  • Q61H
  • Q61H 183A>C

This kit is recommended for use with fragmented samples such as FFPE tissue, cell-free DNA, and blood spots.

Note: for research use only.

Kit Components

  • 20x ddPCR NRAS Q61 Screening Assay — 1 x 200 µl
  • ddPCR Supermix for Probes (no dUTP) — 2 x 1 ml (1863023)

Key Features and Benefits

  • Superior performance — allows quantification and screening for multiple NRAS mutations in a single well
  • High sensitivity — provides sensitive and precise detection down to 0.5% in a single well
  • Robust workflow — allows screening of multiple samples in a rapid and cost-effective manner

Additional Equipment

This kit is for use with one or more of the following instruments and accessories:

More Information

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Storage at –20°C
Guaranteed up to 18 months in a constant temperature freezer