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The Bio-Rad HLA SSP (Sequence Specific Primers) Kits are test systems designed for the typing of HLA polymorphism using PCR techniques
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The Bio-Rad HLA SSP Kits (Sequence Specific Primers) are test system designed for the typing of HLA polymorphism using PCR techniques. The SSP method utilizes allele-specific primer combinations in the PCR amplification. It is based on the principle that only primers whose sequence is completely complementary to a target sequence will be converted by the polymerase into PCR products. In contrast, non-complementary primers produce no amplification product.

Using the Bio-Rad SSP Typing Kits, reliable typing results can be obtained within a very short time. All components for the PCR amplification mix are lyophilized, provided in block or combitray format, and ready for use.

  • The primer mixes and dNTPs are pre-aliquated and dried in PCR trays
  • The kits can be stored at 2–8°C
  • All tests can be combined in different configurations

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