AutoBlot 3000 Automated Strip Processor



Compact, easy-to-use processor featuring pipetting robotics that handle each step of strip assay protocols — simply load patient specimens and reagents and select a pre-programmed or custom protocol
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The AutoBlot 3000 Automated Strip Processor is compact and easy to use, with true walkaway operation in a small, lightweight footprint. User-friendly software and hardware facilitate simple setup and programing. The AutoBlot 3000 is fully programmable and will store up to 10 pre-programmed protocols in one unit, allowing for full customization of blot assays for dispensing, incubation and aspiration. The AutoBlot incubates, washes and performs subsequent reagent additions as programmed. This automated strip processor dispenses and aspirates up to 20 strips in just 90 seconds and dispenses up to six reagents per run. Conveniently packaged with all accessories, the AutoBlot 3000 improves efficiency and eliminates technique-dependent variability and human error in strip processing.