Process Chromatography Applications and Hardware Laboratory

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The following support and services are available:

  • Demonstration of Bio-Rad’s Chromatography hardware equipment
  • Pack-in-place, unpack-in-place, clean-in-place, and slurry-in-place operation of columns systems
  • Evaluation of process operating software
  • Demonstration of onboard HETP and asymmetry calculation capability
  • Assistance in developing and writing standard operating procedures; training in standard operating procedures and best practices
  • Demonstration of Maintenance procedures on columns and skids
  • Execution of packing studies with customer collaboration
  • Execution of factory acceptance testing (FAT) protocols
  • Classroom and laboratory training in basic and advanced chromatographic separation techniques, tailored especially for engineers, technicians and scientists

How to Access the Process Chromatography Applications Laboratory
Contact your local Bio-Rad sales specialists to arrange a discussion with our laboratory management team. We look forward to working with you.

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