Gene:  RP11-726O12.1, Human

PrimePCR Primer Assays for Real-Time PCR oligo primer pair gene expression assay target
  • Gene Symbol:   RP11-726O12.1
  • Aliases:   FLJ53614
  • RefSeq:   Not Available
  • Ensembl:   ENSG00000259024
  • Entrez:   100533496
  • UniGene:   Not Available

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This locus represents naturally occurring read-through transcription between the neighboring FAM18B2 (family with sequence similarity 18 member B2) and CDRT4 (CMT1A duplicated region transcript 4) genes on chromosome 17. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants one of which encodes a protein that shares sequence identity with the upstream gene product but its C-terminus is distinct due to frameshifts relative to the downstream gene. [provided by RefSeq Mar 2011]

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