Single-Cell ATAC-Seq Breakthrough Bundle

ddSEQ Single-Cell ATAC-seq Breakthrough Bundle


Year-End Special Offer: Take 33% off when purchasing three SureCell ATAC-Seq Library Prep Kits and an ATAC-Seq Index Kit, plus get a free ddSEQ Single-Cell Isolator System.

Promotion Period:

10/1/23 to 12/29/23

Promotion Details

Don't miss this chance to maximize your budget and accelerate your discoveries through high-performance chromatin profiling to unravel the complexities of cellular heterogeneity, differentiation and disease-specific genetic alterations.

Features and Benefits

  • High cell capture efficiency (60–80%)
  • Flexible sample input: isolated nuclei or whole cells
  • Output scalability (400–5,000 single-cell ATAC-Seq libraries per sample)
  • Fast 5-minute partitioning and barcoding
  • Exceptional sensitivity (TSS Enrichment Scores>30, FRiP>30%)
  • Includes streamlined Omnition Analysis Software

This exceptional bundle promotion includes:

  • Three (3) SureCell ATAC-Seq Library Prep Kits (#17004620)
  • One (1) SureCell ATAC-Seq Index Kit (#12009360)
  • Omnition Bioinformatics Analysis Software
  • One (1) free ddSEQ Single-Cell Isolator System (#12004336)

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