PTC Tempo Introductory Bundle

PTC Tempo bundle promotion


Choose the PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler, which offers thermal accuracy and uniformity you can trust to get the consistent performance you need in PCR.  

Promotion Period:

6/30/23 to 12/31/23

Promotion Details

For a limited time, pick any of the introductory bundles for PTC Tempo systems and receive reagents or consumables worth $500 for free! 

Features and Benefits

  • Programmable thermal gradient — for optimization of annealing temperatures
  • Intuitive touch screen — for streamlined protocol programming and editing
  • Heated lid — for use with various vessels and sealer types
  • Expanded connectivity — Wi-Fi, ethernet, and USB
  • Automated lid — for integration with automation robotics
  • Cloud connectivity — create and send protocols from your cloud platform

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The introductory bundle package is optimized for users of a broad range of laboratory applications. Pick what works for you or our specialist can design a package that fits best to your lab needs.

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