CRISPR Bundle — Buy more, save more!

CRISPR Bundle — Buy more, save more!


Bundle the ZOE, TC20, and Gene Pulser for up to 35% off!

Promotion Period:

1/1/22 to 12/31/22

Promotion Details

Successful genome editing experiments require optimized conditions and healthy cells.

Pick 2 and save 25% or pick 3 and save 35%:

  • TC20 Automated Cell Counter 1450102
    Assess total cell count and viability within 30 seconds with a broad range of cell types.

  • Gene Pulser Xcell Total Electroporation System 1652660
    Offers simple and efficient delivery of nucleic acids to any cell type.

  • ZOE Cell Imager 1450031
    Eliminate the complexities of cell imaging and enjoy the convenience of fluorescence cell imaging on your benchtop.

Purchase any two and save 25% off. Purchase all three and receive 35% off!

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