PrimePCR assays bulk pricing promotion

Promotion Period:

7/1/24 to 1/1/25

Save big when you purchase real-time PCR assays and controls, or pathway and collection arrays.

With Bio-Rad's wide range of PrimePCR assays and controls and expertly curated disease and metabolic pathway and collection arrays, generating scientifically relevant data has never been easier.

To help you get more from your research, we are offering the following savings:

PrimePCR qPCR Assays and Controls

  • 25% off with minimum purchase of 5 assays

Pathway and Collection Arrays

  • 25% off 5–9 arrays
  • 45% off 10–19 arrays
  • 60% off 20 or more arrays

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Pricing of PrimePCR qPCR products is based on assay type, the number of reactions and plate configuration for 96- and 384-well plates. Discount applies to bulk orders of the same catalog number and is taken off the list price at the time of order. Discounts available online only. Discounts are automatically applied in the cart. Valid only in the United States.

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