American Association for Human Genetics (ASHG)


ASHG is excited to celebrate its 75th organizational anniversary in person in Washington, DC during ASHG’s 2023 Annual Meeting, November 1-5. ASHG 2023 will be an unmatched opportunity to celebrate like never before in a historical, diverse, and welcoming city home to many free activities.

The world's best and brightest in human genetics and genomics research convene once a year for ASHG’s Annual Meeting, and you are invited!

Join more than 8,000 scientists from around the globe at ASHG 2023 to take part in a 5-day program comprising the year's most significant new advances in the field. From Invited Sessions, to Workshops, to the Presidential Symposium and the Distinguished Speaker Symposium – there is something for everyone! Join for cross cutting issues, a celebration of ASHG’s 75th anniversary and a demonstration of new products and innovations supporting research – it won’t be the same without you!