2021 Immunology Virtual/Annual Meeting of the American Association of Immunologists (AAI)


Date: 05/08/2021 to 05/15/2021


Going to the AAI Annual Meeting?

Come Visit the Bio‑Rad virtual booth and listen to our presentations to learn more about:

  • How high parameter flow cytometry has helped profile FoxP3+ regulatory T cells in nonlymphoid tissues
  • How FCS Express software allows the move to high dimensional data reduction with ease to advance your scientific discovery

Listen to our Talks

Monday May 8, 9:30 AM EST
A Single Regulatory T Cell Pool Patrols the Tissues 
Dr. Oliver Burton, Lymphocyte Signalling Division, Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK

  • Research profiling and quantifying murine tissue-resident Tregs, has revealed shared phenotypes in this tiny population of cells. The determination of tissue residency, TCR activation, and shared T cell receptors has enabled conclusions to be drawn regarding homing and activation in their new locations.

Thursday May 11, 10:30 AM EST
Advancing Scientific Discovery with FCS Express Analysis
Sean Burke, Director Research Marketing and Business Development, De Novo Software

  • Move from basic to advanced high dimensional data reduction with ease, using data from the ZE5 Cell Analyzer and new tools designed to make analysis more efficient from FCS Express. Explore the world of higher dimensional data reduction algorithms without the need of R, scripting, or programming knowledge. Learn how to get most out of your data.

Read our posters

Discover Bio-Rad’s new, unique, proprietary dyes for flow cytometry, the StarBright Dyes, which are exceptionally bright and do not require special buffers.

  • Novel, Violet Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Immunophenotyping Using Flow Cytometry
    A comparison study of immunophenotyping panels with B cell, T cell, and Treg markers conjugated to either Bio‑Rad’s StarBright Violet Dyes or BD Brilliant Violet Dyes of similar spectra and clonality. Tests with these panels were conducted in different staining buffers to show the versatility and reliability of StarBright Violet Dyes.  
  • StarBright Dyes: New Tools for Flow Cytometry 
    StarBright Dyes are key reagents for high parameter immunophenotyping. This poster demonstrates their flexibility as these dyes are compatible with any buffer, enable premixing to be used at a later date, and can be fixed without any loss of performance in traditional and spectral flow cytometry.

Talk with a specialist

Our dedicated team will be on hand, to answer any questions you may have on flow cytometry. Don’t forget to ask about our special StarBright Dye offer.

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