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We offer a wide range of business-to-business (B2B) services to help you streamline your procurement activities. Whether you are investing in eProcurement to reduce your transaction costs, speed up your sourcing process, or better monitor your spending, we have an eCommerce solution to help you achieve your objectives.


Key Features



PunchOut allows you to leverage all the benefits of Bio-Rad's website directly from within your own procurement system. You can quickly transact with us, or browse our website to access a variety of product content or add products to your shopping cart, and then "punch back" these items directly into your procurement system.

PunchOut benefits include:

  • Item-level PunchOut for real-time pricing and availability via cXML (PunchOut level II)
  • Pre-validation of orders in Edit and Inspect mode
  • NEW Industry-standard EDI data transmission protocols
  • NEW P-card level III
  • Real-time inventory and backorder status with estimated shipping costs prior to checkout
  • Quote to Order and Redeem Promotion codes instantly available
  • Quick Order option
  • Ability to batch upload items to cart or Quick Order
  • Ability to email cart to a delegate or to central purchasing to complete processing
  • User-definable Hot Lists to manage regularly ordered products ("favorites") and simplify immediate reordering
  • Order acknowledgement so you receive advance notification of shipment — includes link to track delivery status (FedEx, UPS)
  • Online access to invoices
  • Access to Bio-Plex Assay Builder
  • Access to on-demand tutorials, specifications, MSDS, certificates of analysis, and other supporting information

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CIF/Hosted eCatalogs


Bio-Rad has extensive experience creating custom eCatalogs for organizations. eCatalogs typically contain core data elements, including those most commonly requested, such as contract price, catalog number, product name, and other details. You can also request classification of goods and services by UNSPSC codes as well as file delivery in CIF, CSV, TXT, ASCII, or XLS format.


Order Integration Program


We offer automated procure-to-pay processes across the range of electronic transactions:

  • Purchase orders
  • Purchase order acknowledgements
  • Advance shipment notices
  • Invoicing
  • ePayments

We can customize these processes to integrate with your procurement system and purchasing workflow, and we fully support industry-standard EDI/XML/OCI data formats as well as the most common communication methods, such as FTP/AS2/HTTPS/VAN.


Project Management


Our experienced integration team will partner with your eProcurement and IT teams to scope your project and document your specific requirements. Our team will drive the entire onboarding process according to a mutually agreed–upon project plan. This collaborative approach has one objective in mind: to position your eProcurement project for a successful long-term partnership with Bio-Rad.


Credit Card


Bio-Rad can support credit card level 3 data to provide you with key information such as purchase order number, product code, product description, quantity, freight amount, or sales tax. This additional information, shared on your credit card statement at the line-item level, helps you reconcile your credit card purchases more efficiently and better monitor your spending.

For more information about Bio-Rad's B2B capabilities, please email us at ebiz-b2b@bio-rad.com.