Social Responsibility

Bio-Rad employee packing food to feed the hungry

Community Involvement Program

Our Community Involvement Program supports programs and activities that enhance science education and literacy for both elementary-school teachers and their students in our local communities. We also support some organizations in raising funds for diabetes and AIDS research. In addition, the company provides support to charitable nonprofit organizations working to improve the quality of life for many individuals within our local communities.

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Diversity & Inclusion

In 2021, Bio-Rad launched a strategic Diversity and Inclusion initiative. The goal of the program is to foster a work environment where everyone feels a strong sense of belonging and commitment. Our focus areas in 2021 include:

  • Training leadership and employees on critical diversity and includes issues
  • Evaluating and updating our recruitment and hiring practices
  • Evaluating Bio-Rad’s recruitment and hiring practices and making any need changes
  • Establishing a cross functional task force to champion diversity and inclusion initiatives

Employee Health & Safety

As an essential business and critical provider of diagnostic testing products in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bio-Rad immediately put innovative processes in place in order to keep employees safe while maintaining business operations. We implemented a “customized return to work service” for COVID-19 diagnostic testing. The end-to-end solution that uses Bio-Rad’s PCR test kits provides rapid test results to prevent and slow the spread of COIVD-19 and keep employees safe. Results are provided in 24 hours after a sample is received. This has enabled employees to return to the workplace more quickly.

Supporting Science Education

For nearly 25 years, Bio-Rad has inspired the next generation of scientist by reaching out to the community with several science education programs that include the Bio-Rad Explorer program, STEM-based college scholarships, biotechnology science camps, and our Science Ambassador Program in which students get the opportunity to learn from a working scientist.

Launched in 1997, the Bio-Rad Explorer program brings real-world molecular biology experiments into classrooms, changing how molecular life science is taught. Currently, over a million students in approximately 75 countries perform Bio-Rad Explorer activities each year that include engineering bacteria to glow green using a jellyfish gene or measuring the enzyme activity from mushrooms, which an application in biofuel production.

Bio-Rad’s team of education specialists train over 2,000 teachers every year in free, hands-on, in-person workshops that help keep teachers up to date with the latest technology that they share incorporate into their curriculum.