Vaccine and Therapeutic Research & Development


Explore our solutions to support coronavirus characterization, immune response studies, as well as vaccine and therapeutic development and manufacturing.

Coronavirus Characterization Solutions

Virology Solutions

Tools to support the study of coronavirus including virus-host interactions, viral titer, viral protein characterization and viral genome variation.

  • Genetic Screening
  • Viral DNA/RNA Quantification
  • Viral Protein Characterization
  • Viral Genomics

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Immunology Solutions

Immunology Solutions

Tools for the study of host immune response to coronavirus infection, including, monitoring inflammation, antibody characterization, and cell phenotyping.

  • Cytokine Profiling
  • Cell Phenotyping
  • Protein Profiling

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Coronavirus Vaccine Development and Manufacturing Solutions

Vaccine Development & Manufacturing Solutions

Tools to support foundational research, vaccine development, process development, manufacturing and quality control.

  • Cell Line Development
  • Vaccine-Mediated Immunity
  • Viral Vaccine Quality Control
  • Vaccine Purification
  • Biodistribution

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Therapeutic Development and Manufacturing Solutions

Therapeutic Development & Manufacturing Solutions

Tools to support the development, purification, and production of protein-based therapeutics and gene and cell therapies for treatment of coronavirus infection.

  • Lead Discovery
  • Cell Line Development
  • Therapeutic Efficacy Testing
  • Therapeutic Purification
  • Post-Treatment Monitoring

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