Which real-time PCR supermixes and one-step RT-PCR kits contain ROX universal passive reference dye?

The following products contain ROX universal passive reference dye:

Supermixes for PCR and Real-Time PCR

One-Step RT-PCR Kits

See Normalization of Real-Time PCR Fluorescence Data with ROX Passive Reference Dye in our Applications and Technologies pages to learn why passive reference dyes are required for data normalization in some real-time PCR systems and not others. Although Bio-Rad real-time PCR detection systems do not require ROX for internal normalization, Bio-Rad’s universal real-time PCR supermixes are designed for high performance on all real-time PCR detection systems, both systems requiring ROX normalization and ROX-independent systems.

View our Understanding Real-Time Supermixes tutorial to learn more about qPCR data analysis and how to compare supermix performance.