GS-900™ calibrated densitometer and Image Lab™ software

What happens to the optical density data when I export an image file from the GS-900™ calibrated densitometer in .tiff format?

Selecting Export > Export to TIFF Image provides the options to export the raw data for analysis or to export views (with or without overlays) for publication. Exporting views for publication yields 8-bit files suitable for documentation but not for analysis.

The optical density (OD) information recorded by the GS-900 densitometer is a logarithmic function covering a large dynamic range (0–3 OD). When exporting raw data, the file retains its full dynamic range. In .tiff format, pixels are represented by a grayscale value within the range of 0–255 levels. Image Lab™ software uses a log transformation to accomplish this task.

Note: You can also select Export to JPEG Image. Due to lossy compression during export, jpeg image files are suitable for documentation only.