Bio-Plex® 200 System

How can I calibrate the Bio-Plex® 200 system for day-to-day reproducibility? What is the Bio-Plex validation kit and what benefits does it provide?

Daily calibration and scheduled validation of Bio-Plex Multiplex Immunoassay Systems performance ensures reliable and consistent assay results. The calibration and validation protocols are designed into Bio-Plex Software.

The Bio-Plex Calibration Kit (171203060) consists of calibration beads with stable fluorescent signals. It should be stored at 2–8°C. We recommend calibrating daily or whenever the ambient air temperature changes more than ±2°C during the day There are two types of calibration beads: Cal1 and Cal2. Cal1 beads calibrate the classification fluorescence detectors (channels DD, CL1, and CL2). Cal2 beads calibrate the reporter fluorescence detector (channel RP1). Bead target values are printed on each bottle label and should be entered into the software calibration dialog.

The optional Bio-Plex Validation Kit (171203001) is used for the operational qualification (OQ) of the Bio-Plex System. The Bio-Plex Validation Kit validates the operation of all Bio-Plex 200 System primary components and is a tool to help you discriminate between assay and instrument problems. Validation should be performed immediately after a calibration.

The Bio-Plex Validation Kit consists of four bead types to evaluate optics alignment, fluidics integrity, reporter channel performance, and classification efficiency. The kit requires the use of a Bio-Plex maintenance, calibration, and validation (MCV) plate IV (171203001) which is not included in the Bio-Plex Validation Kit.

The optional Bio-Plex Reservoir (171203050) is designed for unattended operation of the Bio-Plex Systems maintenance functions usingusing Bio-Plex Manager™ software versions 5.0 and above.

See the Bio-Plex Care and Maintenance Quick Guide (Bulletin 3076) and the Bio-Plex System Tools Brochure (Bulletin 2879) for more information on the Bio-Plex Calibration and Validation kits.