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7/1/24 to 9/30/24

Set up your classroom lab with eight (8) DNA gel electrophoresis workstations — with unprecedented savings!

Our Lab Packages offer educators discounts on Bio-Rad lab equipment and supplies. In this limited-time offer, we’ve taken things a step further to include all the research-quality equipment you need to run Bio-Rad DNA gel electrophoresis labs in your classroom, for under $2,600 (over $3,600 off list price)!

For education accounts only, this offer includes:

  • 2 PowerPac Basic Power Supplies
  • 4 Mini-Sub Cell GT Systems, each with a gel tank, 7 × 10 cm UV-transparent gel tray with fluorescent ruler, and two 8-well fixed-height drop-in combs for ease in casting gels – enough to run 8 student workstations
  • 8 Classroom Adjustable-Volume 2–20 µl Digital Micropipets
  • 2 four-packs of gel staining trays
  • 1 free UV Transilluminator

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  2. Qty 1 of 1660531EDU UV Transilluminator
  3. Promo code DNALABEDU

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Promotion details are based on EDU price, but your final pricing is based on your account type. EDU price discounts are for qualified educational institutions and educators (teaching purposes) only; items are available at list price for noneducators (must be ordered without an EDU suffix). Limit 5 free UV Transilluminators per order. Valid only in the United States. This promotion is available online only. Web promotion discounts may not be applied to items that have already been discounted in quotes or other offers.

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Applicable Products

DNA Electrophoresis Starter Lab Equipment Set

Lab equipment package includes PowerPac Basic power supply, 2 Mini-Sub Cell GT systems with combs, 4 classroom digital 2–20 μl adjustable-volume micropipets, and staining trays; education use only