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7/1/24 to 9/30/24

Buy an ELISA educational kit and get a free 50 µl fixed-volume micropipet

The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is a powerful and popular diagnostic assay used to detect microbial and viral infections (such as those that cause COVID-19, HIV, or the flu), genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or molecular markers that enable diagnosis of cancer, pregnancy, or drug use. By teaching the ELISA technique, you can connect multiple content areas, including the immune response, protein structure and function, and enzyme-substrate interactions to illustrate how this use of antibodies has revolutionized medicine, epidemiology, agriculture, and life science research.

Bio-Rad offers two different hands-on ELISA lab activities for the classroom:

  • Explorer Immuno Explorer Kit – teach ELISA techniques with your choice of one of three protocols for antigen or antibody detection in the context of a wide array of real-world scenarios
  • Giant Panda Problem Kit – teach ELISA for antigen and antibody detection within the context of conservation biology

For a limited time, receive a free 50 µl fixed-volume micropipet when you purchase either kit.

Limit 5 free fixed-volume micropipets per order. Valid only in the United States and Canada. This promotion is available online only. Web promotion discounts may not be applied to items that have already been discounted in quotes or other offers.

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Immunology classroom study kit, includes antigen, antibodies, HRP enzyme substrate, 10x PBS, 10% Tween, disposable plastic transfer pipets, test tubes, microplates, curriculum, for 48 students; education use only
Kit includes simulated hormone, antibodies, HRP enzyme substrate, 10x PBS, 10% Tween, disposable plastic transfer pipets, micro test tubes, micro strip plates, curriculum, for 32 students; education use only