Protecting the Environment

Bio-Rad commitment to the environement

Our logo is not the only thing that's green at Bio-Rad.

At Bio-Rad, we continually look for ways to minimize our impact on the environment. From the sourcing of raw materials and design, manufacture, and distribution of our products to our energy use and recycling efforts, we are dedicated to finding new opportunities to become the most environmentally responsible company we can be. Together and as individuals, we are striving to protect the environment today and for the future.

Where we are putting our energy:

Our Operations
We apply green methods and systems to our facilities and business processes to conserve precious natural resources such as water, gas, and electricity and to protect the environment.

Product Design
We design our products to be as efficient as possible in manufacture and operation; our manufacturing and distribution methods conserve natural resources and minimize waste.

Waste Reduction
We strive to produce less waste, and we promote recycling efforts to limit how much waste goes to landfills.

Energy Conservation
We reduce our carbon footprint by using less energy overall and utilizing renewable energy sources when possible.