Reagent Red Blood Cells

Reagent Red Blood Cells

Bio-Rad's Reagent Red Blood Cells come ready to use with the IH-System cards as a 0.6+0.1% cell suspension. They are appropriate for Reverse ABO testing, Antibody Screening and Antibody Identification. They ship every four weeks and typically have a five week shelf-life in customer hands.

Category Products

  • Reverse ABO

    Bio-Rad's Reagent Red Blood Cells for Reverse ABO testing include A1, A2 and B cells. They come ready-to-use and require no modification prior to use.

  • Antibody Screening

    Bio-Rad's Reagent Red Blood Cells for antibody screening include three, two and pooled cell options from selected donors to test for the presence or absence of unexpected antibodies when mixed with patient or donor sera or plasma under certain test conditions. They are intended to be used with the IH-Card AHG Anti-IgG or IH-Card AHG Anti-IgG,-C3d. The IH-Cell Pool is intended for the detection of antibodies to human red blood cell antigens in donors

  • Antibody Identification

    Bio-Rad's Reagent Red Blood Cells for antibody identification include an eleven cell panel, a complementary papain-treated eleven cell panel and a supplementary six cell panel for complex investigations. The Reagent Red Blood Cells can be used directly from the vial with no modification.