A benchtop spectrophotometer is used for quantitation of proteins and nucleic acids in solution, or to monitor cell culture growth. Disposable cuvettes are available for UV and visible light applications such as nucleic acid quantitation and protein quantitation.

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  • lsr_imarkabsorbance microplatereader_pdtn.jpg
    iMark Microplate Absorbance Reader
    The iMark microplate absorbance reader is an economical, high-performance absorbance reader with flexible configurations. The instrument is packaged with the Microplate Manager software.
  • lsr_smartspec_plus_pdtn.jpg
    SmartSpec Plus Spectrophotometer
    The SmartSpec Plus spectrophotometer has a wider range of features and functions than many other benchtop spectrophotometers, offering performance, stability, and functionality at an affordable price.