Indirect Antiglobulin Testing

Indirect Antiglobulin Testing

The IH-Cards AHG include cards with Anti-IgG or Anti-IgG,-C3d. These cards may be used by the Indirect Antiglobulin Test for antibody detection and identification and crossmatching for the detection of incompatibilities due to unexpected antibodies or ABO. An optional autocontrol may help to distinguish autoantibodies and alloantibodies.

Category Products

  • Anti-IgG -C3d

    Bio-Rad Reagents for the preparation of sample red blood cell suspensions and instrument Cleaning Solutions.

  • Anti-IgG

    Bio-Rad's Reagent Red Blood Cells for antibody identification include an eleven cell panel, a complementary papain-treated eleven cell panel and a supplementary six cell panel for complex investigations. The Reagent Red Blood Cells can be used directly from the vial with no modification.