Chromatography Columns

Explore our expansive range of prepacked and empty liquid chromatography columns for lab- and process-scale purification workflows. Columns are available in a wide selection of pressure ratings and sizes, and are compatible with common chromatography systems and bioproduction equipment.

Featured Columns

  • Foresight Pro Process Scale Columns

    New Product Foresight Pro Process-Scale Columns

    Purify biomolecules with ease using Foresight Pro Chromatography Columns — good manufacturing practice (GMP) - ready columns specifically designed for biopharmaceutical manufacturing applications.

  • EconoFit Prepacked Columns

    New Product EconoFit Prepacked Columns

    Discover our new low-pressure pre-packed columns that combine convenience and choice to meet your needs. Select from an extensive range of resins and connect to common chromatography systems.

  • Econo Alpha Empty Glass Columns

    New Product Econo Alpha Empty Glass Columns

    Pack the resin of your choice — The new range of Econo Alpha Empty Column hardware for low- to medium-pressure chromatography are easy-to-pack, fully assembled, and are compatible with common chromatography systems.

Chromatography Columns for Lab- and Process-Scale Purification

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    Process-Scale Prepacked Columns

    Process-Scale Prepacked Columns

    Foresight Pro CHT Prepacked Columns are GMP ready and specifically designed to be used for all biopharmaceutical purification workflows. This includes a wide variety of purification and polishing applications for vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and recombinant proteins.

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    Resin Screening Tools

    Resin Screening Tools

    From high-throughput resin screening to small-scale method development and scale-up optimization, find chromatography resins in prepacked formats for the entire purification development cycle.

  • Low-Pressure Columns

    Low-Pressure Columns

    Explore our wide range of prepacked and empty glass columns for use with common chromatography systems such as NGC Systems.

  • Medium-Pressure Columns

    Medium-Pressure Columns

    Discover a range of prepacked and empty medium pressure columns for various applications and scales.

  • Gravity and Spin Columns

    Gravity and Spin Columns

    Bring convenience to sample preparation and other small-scale applications with our empty or prepacked gravity and spin columns.

Chromatography Resources

  • Bioprocessing Resources

    Bioprocessing Resources

    Find resources, webinars, and events to support your purification success from process development to commercialization.

  • Proteomics and Protein Purification Learning Center

    Proteomics & Protein Purification Learning Center

    Find workflows, protocols, FAQs, videos, and a wealth of technical information on the theory and principles behind cutting-edge life science technologies.

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